To become man of value, Be less curious about what others think about you and more curious about what will make others not to forget your name – Dr. Jerwin Prabu

Dr. Jerwin Prabu
Roboticist, Bharati Robotic Systems India

Q1. Please share your tremendous journey with us?

I was born in Tamilnadu and completed my inter and Higher Secondary education in Sarugani. I was passionate about Advanced technology and Medical Science from my school days, I can remember the days, when I was at the age of 10 to 18 I got a vision for my life through my teachers and guides, Antony Victor, Arockia Samy and Fr Stephan. They were very good teachers in our school, who gave a visual impact to my life. I didn’t get the opportunity to continue my career with Medical Science, So When I went to engineering in Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, I have selected Electronics and Communication Engineering. It was a wise decision to get guidance from someone who had gone through a different journey and succeeded. Thus my life was transformed as an Electronics Engineer, Roboticist, Technologist, Reviewer, Editor and Advisory Board Member. How? I have decided my Project (Robotically Assisted Brain Tumor Surgery) when I was studying second year, one of the Asst.Prof Ashoka Chakravarthy who helped me to understand and start my Research Life. In 2013, I started my first National Conference presentation and received the Best Paper Award and Young Researcher Award. Then, in the same year I first thought of reviewing papers to acquire more knowledge and to proceed with my passion further. I was awarded as Distinguished Young Researcher 2015 from the International Emerging Trends in Research.Further In 2015, I was invited to Review papers in the Journal of Physics and Modern Oncology Research. In addition, I joined peer-reviewing to attain maximal knowledge and become a better contributor to the advancement of the field of science. Qualifications are not an obstacle in this case. The ideas under research thrive upon a coherent and comprehensive understanding of the author’s thesis to deliver an analysis of the subject with utmost precision with the help of a reviewer. I have received best paper Award from International and National conference, Innovative project Award for project presentation, Received Young Scientist, Nobel Scientist Award, World’s top 1% reviewer, Quarterly Franklin Membership, Best Project Award, Nominated and Selected for India Book of Records 2017, Top Reviewer for Engineering, Top Reviewer for Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Top Reviewer for INDIA, Top Reviewer for Computer Science field, Excellent Reviewer in the World, Top 100 Record Holders for excellence on World Stage 2017, Publons Academy Mentor, Honorary Peer Reviewer, Top Reviewer for Engineering and Medical, Reviewer of the Month 2019, Sir C.V Raman Lifetime Achievement Award, World’s top 1% reviewer in 2019 and Finally December 2019 awarded the Honorary Doctorate in the Field of Engineering and Medicine.

Q2. Why did you select a career in robotics?

I was always fortunate and blessed to have great teachers during every phase of my educational period. I had a Professor Dr Baskar (Physics), and Former NASA Research Scientist Dr Adaikappan Periyakaruppan who helped me to create a bridge between the Medical field and Robotics, showing the visual results proved that was a turning point of my life which eventually shaped my profession. The concept of Robotics is not simple; Robotics is the most trending opportunity nowadays. It has an advanced analytics and monitoring system that helps in expanding Automation, networking, many technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The first company who provided software services was Computer Usage Company in 1955. After that software industry expanded in the early 1960s, similarly all the Robotics companies are in the startup stage even if it is a MNC company also on Robotics it’s only in Startup Stage, that time Mr.Debashis Das Founder & CEO who gave an opportunity to start my career with Robotics and now we are Creating Robots for People.

Q3. Does Artificial Intelligence or Robots change the world?

Robotics is going to change the world but there are still major breakthroughs that have to happen before we reach anything that resembles Robotics with AI, the field concerned with the interaction of perception to action, Artificial Intelligence must have a pivotal role in Robotics, because created connection is an intelligent system. It’s not a movie. It’s our reality. We can see clearly enormous anecdotal evidence and visual evidence that points to Robotics and AI having huge and pervasive effects. Once the Robotics evaluation reaches a certain transform, we can see the Robot which has procedural and episodic memory that could then visualize and understand everything the human race has ever thought. 

Q4. You are creating robots for people. Are they capable of doing work better than humans?

We have a Robotic company and we are creating Robots for People. Our focus is always application oriented; we will always think How the Robots can be helpful to Humanity? That’s why we have created Robots user friendly. Now consider a case where Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots being used by the FM companies for providing cleaning services to their clients. Because of Robotics, for per client there will be reduction of 45 man power and there will be remaining 5 Human Labor, who will be now managing a FLEET OF CLEANING ROBOTS for the whole infrastructure. These 5 Labor will now be trained by Robot Makers like Bharati Robotics, for managing and doing 1st level maintenance of the Robots. Labor Forces are trained by our Robot makers like Bharati Robotics to operate & manage a fleet of Robots; are also Re-designated as “ROBOT MANAGERS” and are treated as professionally skilled employees earning respect in society and work. Also our Robots are totally Autonomous and don’t require teaching or manual interactions. Now for 1000 Clients there will be a requirement of 5000 people for the FM companies to serve. In addition to all these a new Robot industry is born and growing leaps bound day by day, I can proudly say our Robotic Solutions are playing a vital role in the ecosystem.

Q5. What is the limitation of technology in your aspect and how far does it go?

We have envisaged a way to make robots more discerning and perspicacious. As it’s a fact that every bright side has a dark matter in it. There is no doubt that machines is much better when it comes under efficiency but they cannot replace the human. In this world all the inventions discovered by Humans not by any machines, whether that time we had a technology or not. Machines cannot develop a bond with humans which are an essential attribute. Robot Intelligent system and AI technology development is relatively new; Computing advancements now allow robots to understand complex decisions that were once impossible.

Q6. You are a reviewer in many organizations. What kind of review do you do as a reviewer?

Being invited as a reviewer of research papers establishes one’s expertise in the field and expands one’s knowledge. Technical Peer Review is a methodology that assists in the evaluation of a proposed thesis by subjecting it to necessary scrutiny to substantiate the credibility of a Research Manuscript. I am currently the Reviewer for Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, Willey, SAGE, SAE, IOS Press, Pisco, OMICS and Pulsus Medical Publishing, Council of Innovative Research, Scientific Journal, Several Academic Journals, IEEE International Conference also member of World Research Council, International Innovation Team in UK, member of the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in Arlington, member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) in England, member of the International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS) in Canada, member in International Journal of Infectious Diseases (ISID), and also a member of the International Association of Research and Development Organization (IARDO). I joined peer-reviewing to attain maximal knowledge and become a better contributor to the advancement of the field of Science and Engineering (Embedded System, Image Processing, Wireless Networks, IoT, Industrial Informatics, Robotics etc). Reviewing a paper is a process. There are multiple steps in this process. Journal editors are always looking out for expert reviewers because the review process assists in improving the works of authors and in the development of journals.

Q7. How do you change the world as a Robotics Engineer?

As a Robotics Engineer, I have already started contributing to change the world with Bharati Robotic Systems India Pvt Ltd (Creating Robots for People). Robots are changing the world by helping humans, to do things with greater efficiency and doing things that were not possible before. Since there is a huge reduction of bottom line per client for FM companies, now FM companies pay those Robot Managers (earlier laborers) more salaries, since they have saved certain employees cost and these Robot Managers now manage a fleet of sophisticated Robots. Because of Robots their Job quality becomes better. Recent experience propounds that Due to Covid-19 Advanced economies have been hit harder. Yet Robotics does not lead to economic collapse, according to some technologists. Instead, the productivity and efficiency of robots could keep the economy running without any hindrance. This ability for Human Robot Interaction through connected systems is set to be the breakthrough moment for the robotics world revolution.

Q8. What you will do in your free time?

During weekdays I will be devoting a lot of time to work in Research and Development. After completing my working hours with R&D, I will continue with my Technical Reviews. For me, that was the best way to use my free time. I like to listen to music and write poems. Whenever I felt confused, I would start listening to music or write poems until I got a new thought to break through my frustration. It would clear my stress and allow me to take a step back from my work right in the middle of the day. There’s not enough time in a day to complete R&D works and read all the books, Research articles. Whenever I am thinking about various problems, I will consider that time as my free time.