Blogging is the most empowering profession one can look for. Yes, there are competitions and that made blogging underrated. – Chayan Chakrabarti

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti

Chayan Chakrabarti

Founder at Simplefactsonline
Blogger & Content Creator
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

Thanks Mitesh for inviting me.

Hello people, this is Chayan Chakrabarti. I am the founder and content creator of simplefactsonline and create content about blogging, digital marketing and seo.

I am a computer graduate. And done a few professional certifications.

Q2. What did attract you towards to become a Blogger?

Blogging is the most empowering profession one can look for. Yes, there are competitions and that made blogging underrated.

I took my own time to understand the process. And I was rewarded by then. I found out this is something that can be done on a regular basis. Since then I am just implementing my learnings. Some work, some fail. But it keeps me going

Q3. How any Blogger will earn money from Blogging?

.There are many ways to earn money from a blog. You can either go to show advertisements, or else you can promote other products and sell your products. The earning potential is endless.

But before starting a blog a  blogger should understand the basic investments for a blog.

Along with that they also have to understand how to drive traffic to a new website.

Q4. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

I am a self motivated guy. I know I am the only one whose act is responsible for my wellbeing . So I get going with things. That does not mean I do not chill. I go along with my friends to watch movies, cricket, and roadtrips. These things keep me going.

Q5. Who is your source of motivation in Blogging Domain?

You can find motivation with anything. Any positive vibe motivates me.

Q6. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

I want to see myself empowered, that’s a no brainer. But at the risk of sounding arrogant I would like to have the control back of my life. An employee can’t decide what to do and when to do.That does not mean I am unhappy with my job. In a job you will be performing the same set of tasks for a long period of time and post covid the work from home experience is not pleasant for most employees around the globe.

So coming back to me, in 10 years I see myself working for my brand and I will give myself a deadline.

Q7. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I am an average person. I do not wish for much. Beyond a few crores I barely need money. But in recent times a lot of self doubts and procrastinations are happening. That’s because of my laziness. I want to get over it.

Q8. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Life is not fair. It depends on your deeds. So make sure you can make eye contact with yourself daily.It will remind you where are you coming from.

Chayan Chakrabarti
Chayan Chakrabarti

Q9. What message would like you like to give to the young Bloggers who have recently started their professional Blogging life?

Practice and take blogging as business. Be ready to give 200% value when you start and eventually success will be yours. Don’t aim to advance things when you start. Just follow the basics. Make sure your website is mobile optimized and there are a lot of white spaces in your article. And last but not the least. Use a good web hosting and themes and always use authorized plugins.

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