Teaching is my love, it’s more than passion – CA Jitendra Jain (Bhavisha Institute)

CA Jitendra Jain
Bhavisha Institute (Founder)

CA Jitendra Jain is the founder of Bhavisha Institute. Bhavisha Institute offers CA, CS and CMA courses for commerce students. He is a professional Charted Accountant. He worked in many international companies in other countries like Australia and the UAE. He was a head of finance and a core team member of ERP software (SAP) in the company. But he loves teaching and wants to serve the society. He left the job and started Bhavisha Institute for commerce aspirants in 2015. The word “Bhavisha” refers to a person with futuristic thinking. He always think of betterment for student’s future and do work with full integrity & dedication. He simply focuses on three things which are truth, transparency and commitment. He shares his impressive journey, achievements and vision with us.

Q1. Please tell me about your journey?

I had completed my B.Com (H) in Accounting from Jodhpur & was in to coaching profession for two years, then I realized, to go further we must have professional degree. So I joined CA & passed my CA Final exams parallel with job. It was very hard working days, office in day and study at night. I worked in Gurgaon with Real Estate Companies. Then I moved abroad to work with multi national companies and headed over there the finance department, we had our offices in Australia, Canada, Russia, Singapore & India.
I have completed professional international diploma courses in IFRC with my high profile job. It was helpful in my career for professional growth. But I always wanted to go in teaching profession. So I came back to India and started Bhavisha Institute in 2015. The word “Bhavisha” refers to a person with futuristic thinking.
That time I didn’t have any blueprint in my mind. But I had two things in mind. First is always think of betterment for student’s future and second is to do work with full integrity & dedication.

Q2. What are the main work of CA and CS? Share some other career options for commerce students?

CA works on the financial planning and taxation of any company. CS works on the Law related compliances like ROC compliance, Board of Director compliance & many more. CMA is required most of the cases in manufacturing companies, they generally work to control the cost of any product. We recommend CS for those students who are interested in corporate law and are good in theory because it has lots of law related theoretical portion. Those who have an interest in numerical, practical’s and taxations must go for CA. Those who have an interest in manufacturing and cost production must go for CMA. Usually people are aware of only three career options in commerce stream. First is CA (Charted Accountancy), second is CS (Company Secretary) and the third is CMA (Cost Management Accountant). But there are lots of other professional courses that are internationally recognized like ACCA, CFA, and CPA. ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants) is equivalent to the Indian Charted Accountant degree and it is UK based which is valid in the whole world. You can register in this course with your class 11 and 12 studies and pass the papers individually. It is a UK Charted Accountant. CFA is a Certified Financial Analyst course. It is for those students who want to go to the core finance segment. Actuarial Valuation Course is very demanding in the commerce. You calculate major numbers like pension on retirement, LIC premium and many more. It works in the policy and insurance sector. CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) is another option for money earning and international recognition. Commerce is the most powerful option for students.

Q3. Marwari CA(s) are worldwide popular, what is the main reason behind that popularity?

CA manages finance and taxation of any company. He saves money and wisely invests it for higher returns. Both these qualities come in any Marwari person by birth. Saving and Investment are in their blood. They always think about “How to save money”. They simply save first and invest it for higher returns. They are more focused on savings and think about the future. The third most important quality is Loyalty. They are highly loyal to their work and companies. Every company wants qualities like Saving, Investment techniques and Loyalty in CA. All Marwari CA has these qualities in there blood which shows in there results. That’s why Marwari CA’s are so popular not only in India but in the whole world.

Q4. You are a CA and gives teaching to the students. How do you differentiate yourself from the traditional teachers?

We work in a very disciplined and unique method. We prepared a year long teaching/Study plan in advance & give our 100% efforts to follow the same. We circulate all these to our team members & explain their schedule and do monitoring on the entire plan. We take regular Sunday Assessments on running courses, share results with students and their parents. We think that the development of the student is the responsibility of both faculty and parent. We keep an eye on every student’s result. It is a very sensitive profession; we work on three words that are truth, transparency, and commitment. We always focus on the better future of students. We say the truth here to make a better future for students. We have our fundamentals, missions, and commitment.

Q5. Do you give any importance to practical knowledge in a commerce field? What are the key elements to crack the exams?

Being a CA, there are two aspects. First to pass CA exams and second to become good professional CA. Charted Accountancy exams are divided into foundation, intermediate and final level. You can clear the first two levels with theoretical knowledge but if you want to clear the final level then you must be good in practical knowledge. ICAI has done many changes in the course regarding practical. You have to do 3 years of practical training under any practicing CA. Even you can apply CA final exams after a minimum of 2 years of training. Practical training is equally important in the CA course comparing to theory. If any student wants to crack the CA exams and wants to become CA then they must follow these four pillars:
1. Dedication
2. Consistency
3. Right Direction
4. Evaluation (Regular Assessments)
These four pillars help you to crack any exams. Simply follow the ICAI module with full dedication and regular assessments. If you evaluate your hard work then it simply converts into smart work and it pays.

Q6. Please tell your some achievements and projects?

I had done many international projects in my companies. I was a core team member of ERP software (SAP) in my company. That was my milestone in my professional life, I was representing the finance and controlling module.
I have a theory that if you work in any company then work just like it is your own company. I have learned many things from my former bosses and I am still in their touch. I always want to be down to earth and always try to learn from everyone. I teach students with full commitment and try to shape their future. Students give me a lot of respect & love, they believe in me, that is my biggest achievement.

Q7. Why have you left a high profile job in abroad for teaching?

I always wanted to do something in teaching profession. I had a good package in my job but I always thought that what can I do for my society. I always want to open my institute which offers a professional commerce course. I took decisions by heart & now I am serving my society. I spend my whole money on my dream project “BHAVISHA” and faced lots of struggles. But due to my discipline and loyalty about this profession, we have a very good progressive journey. Teaching is my love, it’s more than passion. That’s why I left a job and started my institute. Normally those people come in the teaching profession who doesn’t have any options in career. I want to change this theory also so I left my high package job to follow my love. I highly believed that if you think well about anyone then it would be good for you in the future.

Q8. What are your views and suggestions about commerce as a career for students?

There is a myth that students who are good at Maths, go for Science-Maths. But my suggestion is for those students that they select commerce and go for CA. It gives them immense power to earn money. Nobody knows about commerce in rural areas. The beauty of the commerce professional courses is that there are no reservation criteria. It is equal for all. Students give the second option to commerce and schools, teachers, parents also give them a second priority. But my opinion is that if you are good in the study then you must go for commerce and then go for IAS. Students are attracted by fashion and glamour. They simply leave the track due to show off and select some other easy and competitive career option and stream. CA manages money and finance so there is a great demand for commerce in the world. Now communication skills are involved in the CA course. It gives more confidence to students. They can easily present themselves. It has the lowest fee structure which gives the highest returns. But it wants full consistency and dedication.