Medical discoveries and innovation genuinely excites me, especially that which transforms our everyday ways of living. – Bharat Kwatra

Prof. Bharat Kwatra
Affiliated Member of International Union Of pure and Applied Chemistry
Visiting Prof. (Chem) Sabarmati University, Mentor at Publons
Founder of Research Bulb, Invezion Labs, and Conceptive Farmacia Pvt Ltd.,
Member of Google Scholar., New Delhi

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

Science is my passion and Medicine my subject of fascination as it holds the key to the complex biochemical reactions that make up a living organism. Starting with winning laurels at the Annual Science and Young Innovation science fests held at the school, my curiosity to explore and excel grew by leaps and bounds. By the time, I moved to grade 10, my science projects had won recognition at the zone, state and national level science exhibitions hosted by the Government of India. Shortly thereafter my school nominated me to participate in the International Conference of Young Scientists, Germany where I was a keynote speaker in the panel on the theme of Life Sciences; this opportunity made me realize my enthusiasm towards bio (medical) studies. 

The next couple of years saw me participating in numerous other prestigious forums such as the International Summit de Sustainable development, Sweden, 6th Annual Conference on Microbiology Youth Researcher Forum, USA, and Medical International Conference for Students (SOMS), Bucharest, Romania, to name a few. Before long, I popularly came to be known as the “Young Scientist” of my school for bringing more than 32  international and national awards in the field of biomedical sciences. With each experience, I got to better understand the scope of the field and its applicability to various fields; I am especially interested in research on neurosciences and proteomics, and in order to do so pursuing a major in Medicine and have completed several diplomas in the field of bio-medicine.

Q2. What made you fascinated towards research in bio medicine?

Bio-medicine  always fascinates me because it is so exciting to unfold the chemical and neural  constitution of organisms, and moreover it fits in perfectly with my career aims.

This subject interests me because it is modern and one of the most applicable aspects of research also, it is more of lab and field work which matches my profile

A singular personal experience was instrumental in foraying my way into focused research in the field. I have been a national level football player since junior high but in my sophomore year, I injured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament and was advised to undergo immediate surgery; however, due to my approaching board examinations, the surgery was delayed. As I was preparing for my examination, I started reading books on ligaments and molecular biology and commenced on a journey of research; this resulted in my procuring 2 new molecules that could repair my ligament without surgery and I was successful in rehabilitating my physical injury in this manner. I took a step further in my research with a patent on my invention. 

The entire experience transformed me from an athlete to an aspiring Physician-scientist.

Q3. You are a Founder and Research Head of Conceptive Farmacia. Please share brief about your venture?

We own Research based Pharmaceutical company, a patient centric  and scientifically adapted company that deals in the patented and affordable medicine to meet public health needs. Typical pharmaceutical companies make general medicines and do their work. Because we deal in new formulations based on needs we require lot of scientific research and data, this adds value  our products, and we are bonded so our products and research, allowing doctors to give a good choice and more efficient patented formulations and drugs. And, we always try to solve and work on the public health issues to get the our most efficient medicines. Imagine for a doctor and patient, how beneficial it is to make pharmaceutical products efficient, affordable and patient centric.  That’s the extra care we offer to patients and doctors  that sets us apart from all the rest.

Q4. You are a Professor, Founder, Mentor, Editor and many more. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

Socially and economically, I am from an extremely modest background. But I have big dreams. I aspire to become the kind of researcher whose work empowers societies and communities across the world.

Intellectually, I relate best to those who share my belief that moving forward with the crowd does not mean moving ahead in the right direction; that unconventional, non-traditional thinking is what usually results in breakthroughs; that strong opinions do not have to mean closed minds and inflexible positions. 

Medical discoveries and innovation genuinely excites me, especially that which transforms our everyday ways of living, co-existing, and collaborating.

Q5. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

I take it as my Day 1, Day 1 is always very important because it’s not just a constant reminder of what you wanted but a reason to draw you back to WHY you started what you are doing now. Amidst life, research discoveries, research connections and the highs of the research  ladder we often forget the reason why we loved our job.

You may not have the best experience in the world to put forward on Day 1 but the only thing you bring to the table is freshness. The energy to take calculated risks, the zeal to make things work and the unsettling dissatisfaction to the processes that are just working slowly on their pace.

It’s never the huge standing structure of the tree that keeps it alive and useful, it is the budding branches that begin and keep growing that brings about fruits making it alive.
Research is that huge tree that doesn’t believe in the shade of continuing stable processes, it works on the ideology of the branches that keep growing, following the light, fruiting and this is what keeps it alive.

As I write to bring this thought to an end, I am writing my Day 1 right here once again because today I have the energy to learn, to fail, get back and try again because I know how strongly I want to do this and will not give up on this because I want every day at research work to be my Day 1. 

Q6. You are a passionate researcher and spoke at many international conferences and seminar too as a speaker on various research topics. Do you feel any difference between our researchers comparing to other country researchers?

I am a product of many different worlds. I am an Indian. I am an opinionated, independent-minded young scientist in a research system where our opinions, age and work routinely conflated with experience, intelligence, and wisdom.

If I were to give my opinions on the different research communities, I (long to) consider myself part of, however, I say that it would be a group brought together in the shared belief.

Q7. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

Presently, I have over 10 patents in (bio)medicine and technology and am currently working on Thirty six more projects in different aspects of cellular biology integrated with medicine; through these experiences,  I have gained the skills to merge many different fields in my research, bringing together relations in different protocols and mechanisms in different fields to solve modern-day biological problems.

Being a research enthusiast, I am always keen about new discoveries and inventions, so after 10 years, I will be more into research and intellectual property because I aspire to be a researcher who can contribute to the community in a way that empowers our human race to make  the best use of the (bio)medical and technological innovations and discoveries for making life comfortable.

Q8. You had both academic and research experience in your career. Which one do you like most and why?

It’s hard to choose one both are interdependent on each other, but In my case I am more inclined towards Research because Over the years, I have found new ways of learning through association with forums such as American Microbial Society, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, World Association for Scientific Research and Technical Innovation, International Society for Research and Development, among others.

Also, My family and friends tell me that I am an innovator who, since Grade 9, has kept surprising them. My classmates at school call me “Young Scientist” which clearly tells my inclination towards research since childhood.

Q9. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself/your domain and why?

I believe that most challenges we face as a global society stem from a lack of compassion and empathy, particularly as we negotiate through a rapidly changing, increasingly interconnected world. Complex issues of cultural identity and potential loss of traditional livelihood have led to a “survival-first” type of bunker mentality

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