Arpit Dugar

Writing is the most serene connection to self. You die, the words stay. – Arpit Dugar

Interview with Arpit Dugar

Arpit Dugar

Author, Public Speaker
Entrepreneur, Educationist
Co-founder (PracticeGuru)

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I completed my Bachelors degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Dehradun Institute of Technology in 2009, Masters in Public Administration in 2011 and a Management program from IIM Calcutta in 2015. I was selected by Videocon in the campus placement. It didn’t interest me much, as my interest was to get into civil services. I tried 2 attempts but didn’t succeed. I joined MREL solar technologies in 2010 to manage my expenses and explore on my skill set as an engineer.

It didn’t gaze my attention much and I felt like I could contribute more to the world by making myself meaningfully engaged and that is where I co-founded along with my brother in 2010. It was an online portal giving the students a platform to prepare for competitive exams and entrance exams.

Are made it big, but couldn’t scale it up the much it could due to lack of funding. In 2017, I joined Next Education as an Academic Consultant and got exposed to all categories of schools in India. I dawned various positions in the company as Regional Manager, Head of L&D Department, Senior Manager – Analytics, Manager – International Operations and now as General Manager – Middle East and stationed at Dubai.

Q2. What did attract you towards Education Domain?

My father was was being operated for throat malignancy and I used to spend a lot of time sitting in the waiting area of ICU wards, thinking about poor conditions of the government departments in the country, social issues, quality of life in India, etc. I contemplated that nothing else than education can bring a change in one’s life.

Q3. You are an Author of three Bestselling Novels. What do you want to say with the help of writing to the world?

Writing is the most serene connection to self. You die, the words stay. Whenever I have an experience that may help others to get inspired or to learn from it, I pen it down for the world to read. As an author, I have been most truthful to the pages that I write.

Q4. What is the importance of Life Skills and Soft Skills in anyone’s life and How do you pick any topic for your workshops and seminars?

In this ever-increasing fast paced world with excessive dependency on technology, keeping a pace with soft skills and learning new life skills is utmost important. I chose topics that touch the lives of people in contemporary times. For students the presentations skills, art of expressing, creative thinking, creative reading, travel and explorations, importance of observations are a few topics I have delivered sessions extensively across different countries.
Similarly, teachers and parents need continual professional development programs to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments around the world, and to adopt the best practices.

Q5. You are an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Educationist. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

For someone looking at the life from outside, it looks as a heavy duty schedule. But once you do things you are passionate about, things start falling in place. Yes, prioritising and delegation of the tasks is a skill to learn.

Q6. What kind of digital solutions do you implement in to the schools in many countries?

We implement Learning Management Systems, School Management Systems,
Assessments Management Systems in the schools of various curriculum like CBSE, ICSE, IB, American, British, Turkish, etc. We working in India, North Africa, Middle East countries, Turkey to name a few.

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Ailing health of my father opened my eyes to a lot of harsh realities of life. I grew up stronger facing those times.

Q8. People have understood the importance of online study especially in this Corona time. How do you think about this new online pattern comparing to traditional offline pattern?

I reject the narrative of online pattern and offline pattern, but somehow the whole world has jumped to analysing the differences between the two. Basically, teaching should always be collaborated with latest tools and technology and a personal touch. And data should be generated for all stakeholders in the child’s learning cycle to take corrective actions and challenge the child more towards achieving better.
So, role of technology is important. Coming to Online Classes to connect with students, I wish the students return to their classes soon.

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

I am a powerful presenter and that comes from the background of my interest in reading and following like-minded people.

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