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Interview with Archana Tiwari

Archana Tiwari

Founder at (Blogger)

Q1. Please share your Blogging journey with us?

Hey Mitesh, I would like to say thanks for inviting me to your blog. Myself Archana Tiwari, founder of

I am a housewife and passionate about learning new things in my life. I love writing, so that I made a plan to start a blog. My husband helps me a lot to start this blog.

He is a part-time blogger and runs two blogs on different niches. He advised me to do blogging and keep engaged myself, along with learning.

First, I have started a blog on the free platform Blogger, and then after learning some strategy, I shifted to WordPress.

In the starting days, I have explored many blogs to learn blogging and SEO, and after about six months, I have created this blog.

Nothing more than that in my blogging journey.

Q2. How do you help any new Blogger in his career?

The learning process never ends, so you can’t say that you are perfect. Especially in blogging, you will see many changes, whether Search Engine Algorithm or SEO and Content writing strategy.

So you have to be prepared for any new challenge. I always keep exploring all those things. I anyone asked me for any help, I never disappoint anyone to my best Knowledge.

As a blogger, we should always be honest because when you lose trust, then your blogging Journey ends then and there.

I always suggest the best things to them for better results without any fail. I know everyone wants the best guidance to start their career as a blogger. So it would be my pleasure when I able to help someone.

Q3. What kind of hurdles did you face in your Blogging journey?

Blogging is fulfilling with challenges, and if anyone wants to make a career, he must accept it. Because without effort and risk, nothing can be made extraordinary.

  • I also face some challenge and hurdles like Keywords and Topic Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Write High-Quality Content
  • How to engage the reader with a detailed post

Other than that, I have faced significant problems with link building to increase blog authority.

Reading blogs and watching youtube video will help you to establish a blog. But you can’t learn the proven and best strategy to grow your blog.

Some pro bloggers can make your work easy by advising perfect guidelines to increase your efficiency.

I asked many bloggers for help, but they ignored me due to a newbie. But thanks to some best and helpful fellow bloggers who helped me a lot to solve my problem.

I will never forget him. Here are they and their blog. I also advise a newbie to follow them

  • Anil Agarwal –
  • Sumit Sao –
  • Vishwajeet Kumar –
  • Chayan Chakraborty –
  • Santosh Gairola –
  • Ravi Dixit –
  • Mangesh Bhardwaj –
  • Amol Chavan –

They always replied to me when I asked. Blogging is to mean to build a long term connection and help each other.

Q4. Which is the Best Niche to blog for any new Blogger?

The selection of the best Niche is an essential part of successful blogging. So you have to be very, very conscious about the Niche.

Every Blogger has started their blog to make income online, Me also. When anyone wants to start their blog, then they must choose the profitable Niche.

Only good niche selection is not enough to make money online. Many other factors are there, which affects it.

No one can tell you that this is the best Niche for you. You are the person who makes it best. Although you can consider these things while choosing the best Niche:-


  • Explore blog in that Niche and how much they are making income
  • How many blogs are successful in that Niche
  • Check the search volume of that Niche
  • How you can make money in that Niche
  • Is there enough keywords general for that Niche
  • How many affiliate program is available in that Niche

Knowledge and Passion

  • Your Interest and Passion in that Niche – Very Crucial
  • Are you capable of delivering content on that Niche
  • Are you able to solve problems in that Niche

These are the main factors for selecting the best Niche for your profitable blog.

Q5. What are the best steps to start a new Blog for any new Blogger in 2020?

Nowadays, blogging has turned into a business. Many bloggers are making six figures for their blogs. So starting a blog in 2020 is going to be always best for everyone.

But it depends on you which Niche you will choose as I have covered in the previous question.

Future of Every blog depends on a few things, which are:-

  • Best Niche and Your Passion
  • Best Platform Like WordPress
  • Blazing Fast Hosting
  • Fast loading and Lightweight Theme and Plugin
  • Keywords and topic research with Your writing Skills

If you can perform these things, you will surely get success in blogging. There is no shortcut for getting success in blogging.

You can read my comprehensive guide (7000+ words) detailed guide to start a profitable blog.

Q6. What is the importance of SEO for Blogs? Which are the best tools to do SEO for WordPress?

SEO plays a very crucial role in ranking a blog, as well as your blog post. As we all know, thousands of blogs are made daily.

If you cannot perform SEO on your blog, then your blog can be lost in the crowd. So it would be best if you did not ignore the SEO at any cost.

SEO can bring your blog in the eyes of any search engine and help you to stand out from the crowd. By doing this, you can drive massive traffic to your blog.

Many SEO tools are available in the market. But I Prefer Ahref and SemRush for the best results. Although they are expensive, they are worth every penny which you invest in it.

However, if you’re a beginner, you can use free tools like ubersuggest and google trends.

Q7. Which is the best hosting provider for Blogging in the world?

Best web hosting determines the future of a blog. At this time, it is very challenging to find the best web hosting for starting a blog. There are hundreds of hosting providers available in the market.

In this case, it is a little bit confusing that with which hosting should I go. However, you must consider the following things while selecting web hosting:-

  • Speed
  • Popularity
  • Customer support
  • Features
  • And Price

I have written a detailed post about how to choose the best web hosting. You must check out this. It would be best if you never compromised with the quality of web hosting.

Many hosting providers boldly claim for their best service, but few can fulfill the requirements. Here are some best web hosting providers which you can buy according to your budget:-

  • GreenGeeks
  • WPX Hosting
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • A2Hosting
  • SiteGround

Q8. How do you see Affiliate Marketing for Blogger? Is it better than Google Adsense?

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is growing very fast. Many companies want to grow their business by offering an affiliate program.

You can make limitless income by blogging through joining an affiliate program. Affiliate program payout is very high compare to any ad network.

Affiliate marketing would always be best to make passive income; however, you need a loyal audience for better results.

But in the case of AdSense, you need massive traffic to earn.

If you can build your trusted and targeted visitors, you can make a tremendous amount from affiliate marketing, which has never been possible through AdSense.

Q9. How can anyone increase organic users for a blog without any investment?

There no shortcut to gain organic traffic on any blog. You must have to deliver quality content, which should better than your competitors.

It is only possible when you focus on keywords and topic research. Keep writing unique and informative content that values by a user.

Always prepare content on trending topics and what people want to read. Try to get content ideas from your audience.

Write for your reader, not for Google. Don’t start writing any post because you want to write because no one wants to read your interest. They read those post which is related to their queries and ends solve problems.

Follow the 80, 20 rules for better results. I mean to say that focus more on promoting content than writing and being consistent on your blog.

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