Physics is pure Philosophy for me. That’s why I decided to teach physics. – Amrit Yadav

Amrit Yadav
iStart Education (Director)
Physics Expert

Amrit Yadav is a multitalented personality. He is a Civil Engineer by education. Along that he is a director of iStart-education, physics faculty, actor, director, writer and content developer. He works parallel in all fields and gives his best. He wants to create a positive impact in peoples live; he feels that teaching is the best way for that purpose. Physics is pure Philosophy for him. That’s why he decided to teach physics. He had created contents for IIT-JEE and NEET exams. He wrote a book called “Jijivisha” contains Hindi Poems and experiences. His mission is to create atleast 100 centres in the next one year where quality education with a reach and diverse curriculum will be followed. Here he shares his journey, experience and mission with us.

Q1. Please tell something about yourself?

My name is Amrit Yadav. I have completed my under graduation from NIT JALANDHAR in Civil engineering. Currently I am working as Director of iStart-education. Where I manage an enthusiastic team of 20 people,working towards creating something most beautiful and unique quality educational organization. Currently we are running total of 15 centres across the different part of country where every child get quality education be it reach ,poor, underprivileged or anyone. Here as a human being we always strive for our responsibilities and duties as an aware citizen of our country.

Q2. You are a civil engineer. Why do you choose teaching rather than high profile engineering job?

For me there is something more valuable than money and fame. That’s self satisfaction and creating a positive impacts in people lives. What can be best way to do the same other than teaching? That’s the reason I chose teaching/Mentoring as a profession.

Q3. Why do you select physics for teaching? What are the ideas to score high in physics in engineering entrance exams?

Till my 12th board I used to think why we study such subjects, syllabus if we really don’t have to use much of it in life later. I think atleast once in your life time each one of you have had this question in your mind. But when I started relating the subject with the life it’s simply became my favourite subject among all. For example if we take “LAW OF INERTIA” it states that change required external force” can you relate it with the current scenario of our country or your life as well? For me physics is pure Philosophy. That’s why I decided to teach physics.
Coming to next part of your question how can we score high in physics.
For that you just need to relate it with something with clear visualization of your thoughts with concepts. Once you mastered in that it will be much easy to solve problems in physics. Start it by today you will see the results very soon.

Q4. You are an actor, director and writer too? Tell something about that part? Is it hobby or you are taking it as a profession?

In my initial days in college ,I used to be in isolation with everyone or you can say at that time I live in my comfort zone. But once I came out of it ,it’s became most thrilling adventure for me that’s when I learn exploring the things.That’s when I became Explorer, Photographer,writer,actor etc.
So In my 3rd year of college I joined my college drama club from then I started my artist journey. Till now I have written about 500+ poetry and uncountable sher/Shayari.
It is just limited as hobby as of now.

Q5. You served many successful companies as a content developer too? What is the main work of content developer?

The main work of a content developer is to create the contents for specific exam or topics.
I used to create contents (Theoretical as well as new questions, numericals) for IIT-JEE and NEET exams.

Q6. Share something about your book “Jijivisha”?

Jijivisha is my first solo book as an author. It’s contains hindi poems, ghazals, sher based on real life experience, society, motivation etc. If you are looking something deep, real in Hindi genres I suggest you ,you can go for this book. It is available at .

Q7. What is your future plan?

To reach out as many students as I can.And making people aware about their fundamental duties and responsibilities as an aware citizen. Our mission for The next one year is to create atleast 100 such centres where quality education with a reach and diverse curriculum will be followed. And no such underprivileged child should be left without getting quality education.