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Interview with Amol Chavan

Amol Chavan

Founder at (Blogger)
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

Thanks Mitesh for this interview opportunity.

Hello Folks, I am Amol Chavan, the founder of Side Hustle Blog Growthfunda

I have done Bachelors of Computer Engineering and Software Engineer by profession, Alongside, I am passionate about the Blogging, and Online Business.

Q2. How do you help aspirants from your venture

The main motto behind starting Growthfunda blog is to help individuals understand that they are running in the RAT RACE of 9-5 job. They should not only depend on the full time job but parallely should try Side Hustles.

There is abundance of Online Side Hustle opportunities available through which one can live life.

So Growthfunda covers topics on Side Hustles, Online Business, and Be Your Own Boss, to motivate aspirants to take action and start Side hustle.

Q3. You are running an online course “Side Hustle Beta Course”. Please share something about it?

While running Growthfunda Side hustle blog, I came across that there is huge knowledge base available on the Side hustles like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, etc. but no one covers the topic that touch the real problem of getting started and share lights on the multiple Side Hustles.

However, the major problem I found, many folks who are running into 9-5 job do not know where to start, what are side hustles, they are stuck in taking decision, they are not motivated, they are running behind shinning object syndrome (fake money making Scams)

Therefore, I thought to launch a beginner’s course, “Side Hustle Beta

It is a perfect beta course, to clear understanding and get knowledge on the different side hustles, how to side hustle along with job, how to maximize the potential of side hustles by doing multiple side hustles, what are best side hustle opportunities, how to start them, etc.

Overall, to the individuals this course gives inner realization to take action and kick start Side Hustle Journey.

To know more about Side Hustle Beta course, one can visit here: Side Hustle Beta

Q4. What is the best procedure to start a new Blog in this year? Is it too late or anyone can make their career in Blogging?

No, it is not too late. Anyone can start Blogging and make good career in it. Once you start Blogging career, it is not limited to only Blogging. As Blogger, one can get exposure to develop so many skills like Writing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Outreach, etc.

Hence, Blogging is the best career option that gives you so many opportunities and help to learn multiple skills.

Here is the perfect procedure to start new blog:

  1. Pick up good niche to start blog. e.g. Technology, Blogging, Health, Education, etc. Do not write on multiple niches at the same time when you start. It would nice if one can stick to Single Niche. Even, micro niches are the best inside broad niche. For example, Health is the broad niche under that Men’s Health is the micro niche. By picking up perfect\micro niche, one can build authority easily.
  2. Next step is to pick up domain name. e.g., so here testblog is the Domain name. Blog name should be relevant, easily readable, and short and should have your blogging niche keyword. (Nice to have)
  3. Once you find niche and pick up domain, next part is grab good fast Web Hosting to host blog on WordPress platform.
  4. Next step is to configure Domain name with the WordPress Hosting platform.
  5. Now choose best WordPress theme. Initially if you do not have budget, try free WordPress theme.

Once blog setup is ready, one should create important pages like, About Us, Contact, Blog, Privacy policy and publish the first Blog post.

That is it.

Q5. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

I posses multiple skills but the one which shaped my career is Writing. And, Blogging played significant role in it.

Q6. What is the importance of SEO for Blog? Which are the best tools to do SEO for WordPress?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role for any website. It gives signals to Google about what you website exactly and gives you free organic website traffic from Google.

There are so many SEO tools for WordPress, the best are RankMath and Yoast SEO.

Q7. How do you see Blogging as a Passive Income? Is it sufficient to opt Blogging as a Primary career option?

Blogging is the best passive source of income, there is no doubt about it and one can opt Blogging as a primary career option.

However, nowadays I can see that many folks who are willing to purse Blogging as career think of Money first.

This is very wrong. Money is a byproduct and comes when one provides Value to the audience.

So if someone is willing to pursue Blogging as a career, then they should commit to provide value first.

Q8. What message would like you like to give to the young professionals who have recently started their professional life as a Blogger?

As mentioned above, focus on the adding value.

Other than that, I would like to give below message to the newbie:

  • Blogging is the excellent career option and you can scale it like business.
  • Keep patience.
  • Be a consistent to produce value pack content. Success is yours.
  • Do not run behind building website backlinks, but create super contents to get natural backlinks to your blog.
  • Focus on building email list from the first day, that is the important assets one owns apart from other traffic sources.
  • Diversify traffic across different channels like Social Media, Organic, Email marketing.

SEO is important, but it is the long term game so spend time on content creation and more on promotion.

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