Right Blogging Niche, Quality Content, Consistency, and Link Building are the top factors to start your successful blogging career – Amit Garg

Amit Garg
Blogger, Entrepreneur

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

First of all, I want to thank you for having me on And I must say, is a great platform for knowledge sharing and you guys are doing a fantastic job by sharing inspirational interviews that will surely help students and aspirants choosing the right career. 

Now coming to your question – If I talk about my vocational education, I started with 3 years Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Science. To pursue higher education, I opted for B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in the same stream i.e. Computer Science. After getting my engineering degree in 2012, I had to wait for almost 6 months to get my first job. Fortunately, in December 2012, I got selected as a Software Developer. After working for a few years I was clear enough that this is not something which I am going to do whole my life.

So my planning for doing something my own made me start a footwear manufacturing firm, Amba Polymers, in Feb 2017. Some circumstances made me switch Amba Polymers to a trading firm from a manufacturing unit. And because of a trading firm I was having ample free time and to utilize that time, in October 2020, I started my own blog that’s called

Q2. What did attract you towards Blogging instead of any corporate job?

After working for 4 years as a software developer, one thing was clear in mind that I cannot spend whole my life working for others. And as soon as I will get an opportunity for doing something my own I will switch my profession. Like I said above, I was not attracted to blogging. These were the circumstances that made to start my own blog. But now I feel fortunate enough that I took that decision.

Q3. Please share something about your Blogging Venture “”. What kind of problem do you solve at your platform?

Being in Blogging for around 1 year, all I can say Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. But when I started I was not aware of anything related to blogging. Actually to utilize my free time I started writing some content for a client as a freelancer. After writing some articles, I got the confidence to start my own blog and this is how I started my blogging venture At BloggingBeats, I keep sharing content related to blogging that helps newbies and aspiring bloggers to go on the right path as a blogger.

Some of the highlighted content is:

  • How to start a blog?
  • How to choose the right blogging niche for your blog?
  • How to write good blog posts?
  • How to drive traffic on your blog?
  • How to make money from a blog?

I also share content about blogging tools and software so that one can increase its productivity and can blog in a better way.

Q4. How do you see Blogging as a full-time career?

There is a huge potential in blogging. And For me, starting a blog is one of the best decisions in my life. I’m saying this because I have enough experience in the private jobs and as well as of having my own business.

  • I know how things work in the real world.
  • How much pressure you have to handle in private jobs.
  • How difficult it is to manage the funds in your own business. 

But if I talk about blogging, you can work independently and one can start a blog in around $50 with a reliable web host.  Having said that, like any other career option, you have to work hard, dedicatedly, and consistently. In fact, Consistency is the key to your Blog success. So if someone is passionate enough about something to share the knowledge he or she has with the world, can choose Blogging as a full-time career.

Q5. How do you motivate yourself every morning?

You know, a clear vision keeps you motivated all the time. You need to stay focused. Because then you clearly know what are you doing, why are you doing, and most importantly why did you start all this. Furthermore, small achievements and appreciations keep me hustling even harder.

Q6. Which is the best platform for Blogging and what is the right path to start as a career in Blogging?

Undoubtedly WordPress is the best platform to start your blogging career. WordPress is the most flexible and easy to use platform and that is the reason over 35% of websites and blogs are powered by WordPress.

And if you talk about the right path to start a blog –

First I would say choosing the right blogging niche plays a very important role to ensure a successful blogging career.  

Blogging Niche is all about what do you want to share with the world. It could be related to health, wealth, cooking, fitness, tech, and so on.

A good niche is a combination of Passion + Knowledge + Profitability.

Next is Content.

It is believed that content is king and blogging is all about producing valuable content.

Consistency is another important aspect. You have to maintain the proper engagement with your audience in the right way.

Last but not least link building.

So according to me, Right Blogging Niche, Quality Content, Consistency, and Link Building are the top factors to start your successful blogging career. If you can manage all this, no one can stop you from being a successful blogger.

Q7. Who is your role model in Blogging?

Anil Agarwal who is the founder and owner of is my role model in blogging. He is blogging for more than 15 years and generating over $10000 every month.

Q8. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

See, I live in present. I admire and cherish whatever I have. 

Having said that, I want to grow my Blog and Business while learning and helping as much as I can. 

Q9. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I am happy the way I am, Thanks!

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