Java is a feature-packed language, it has limitless possibilities. Java is everywhere. – Aatul Palandurkar

Interview with Aatul Palandurkar

Aatul Palandurkar

Coach, Author, Digital Marketing Expert
Corporate Trainer, Blogger, Member of NetBeans Dream Team
Rashtriya Pratibha Award and more than 12 Award Winner
Pune, Maharashtra

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I have done my Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Nagpur University. When I was doing my diploma, I started learning Java. My Java Trainer who was Project Manager in an MNC started his firm and I started working there part-time to learn further and complete practical skills. That’s how I got introduced to Java and from 2004 I am into Java. I completed my final year project in diploma along with 6 other projects from the class. 

To date, I have worked on several projects. In 2008, I started taking some projects from different clients and started my company in parallel. Some clients asked me to promote their websites and all where I got introduced to Digital Marketing and started that division, found it very rewarding. In Dec. 2011, I got married to the love of my life. My last company was HCL, I resigned in April 2012. I started in IT, Training, and Digital Marketing business in full swing.

Q2. Java is one of the world’s Hardest Programming Language but you are a Master of Java. Why do you love Java and what is the most exciting thing about this language?

First of all, Java is not the world’s Hardest Programming Language, Java is one of the Simplest Programming Languages in the World. If you know C Language or C++ then Java will be easier for you. But as per my experiences, Java is not hard to learn at all because I learned Java first and then C and C++ where I found C and C++ are difficult than Java. I have it many a time that people says Java is hard, you have to write a whole lot of code and there is not drag-drop available for Java.

Those who say so, are not aware of Java World or they have learned Java from a newbie and they are living in the era of Mohenjo-Daro. Java has drag-drop from ages and if you use NetBeans IDE, more than 80% of your work can be done with drag-and-drop, I accept it will not suggest the business logic and all that only you have to write.

Not to answer the second part of your question that what is the most exciting thing about this language? Java is a feature-packed language, it has limitless possibilities. Java is everywhere. Using Java, one can develop Console Applications, Desktop Applications, Network Applications, Web Applications, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications, Cloud Applications, Flight Applications, Space Applications, AI and Machine Learning Applications, Card Applications, IoT Applications, and whatnot. Tell me one thing that Java cannot do.

Q3. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

My father was Inspector in Maharashtra Police, now retired as ACP. He is the one who taught me how to handle stress and live life. Because we know how much stress the Police face and all. He taught me meditation, yoga, sports (Cricket, badminton, and Table Tennis). Then from my wife’s teacher, I learned Reiki too which I practice sometimes.

To cope up with competitions, I keep on learning something. I keep on improving my self. Keep attending webinars, seminars, workshops, online training, etc. I keep on investing in myself. Because Learning is Earning. I have subscribed to more than 11500 courses on Udemy and several other courses on some other portals.

Q4. You wrote a book “NetBeans IDE How-to” and you are a member of NetBeans Dream Team too. What does make you so excited about NetBeans?

In the year 2004, I learned Java and started writing code in Java. My instructor introduced me to NetBeans IDE for writing Java code which allowed me to generate code and saved huge time and effort. From then I loved NetBeans and used the same to develop every Java-based application may it be Desktop application, Web Application, Mobile Application, etc.

I started writing a blog ( https://aatul.me/ ) in 2010 on Java and NetBeans IDE. In 2012, I got a mail from a Packt Publishing saying they loved my blog and asked if I can write a book for them on NetBeans IDE, I was amazed by the idea of a book on Java and NetBeans and accepted the offer. It took some time in writing, editing, code valuation, etc. and we published the book in March 2013. This book is a complete step by step guide for developing professional Java applications from day 1. The book is available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZuWIdR

Q5. You are a Coach, Author, Corporate Trainer, Blogger, and Digital Marketing Expert. How do you play all roles simultaneously in your life?

It is not about playing multiple roles simultaneously. This is all about passion. If you are passionate enough, you can play any role very easily. Let me share a secret now, my grandfather always used to say that if you want to master anything, teach the same to others.

Their doubts and queries will help you learn and master the things because when you wish to teach one technology or subject or topic to anyone you learn it multiple times, such as first you learn, then you teach and when they ask doubts you learn again. That is how you can master things very easily. This idea brought me into coaching, I always wanted to master Java, I started coaching it to my juniors, developed projects, and much more.

While developing projects, some of my clients asked me to promote their websites and products which brought me into Digital Marketing. Later for more experience I joined a MNC where I joined as Corporate Trainer and delivered training to several corporates all over the globe.

Q6. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I love to help people and sometimes people try to take advantage of that. I would like to develop one portal where I can share my experiences in form of videos or video courses and help people learn and gain heights.

Q7. You are a Pioneer of Java both Core and Advance. Many new languages are giving good competition to Java in both web and android like Python, Kotlin, etc. How do you see Java as a language in the future?

Every programming language has its pros and cons. If we talk about Kotlin which is a JVM based programming language that means Kotlin needs Java Interpreter to run Kotlin code. Without a Java interpreter, Kotlin code will not execute. There are several JVM based languages in the market now such as Kotlin, Scala, and many others.

There are several enterprise applications built on top of Java such as SAP, Oracle to name a few and millions of Android applications developed using Java from 2008 to date even after the launch of Kotlin. It is not possible to develop the same again.

Therefore Java has a very good future and no need to worry for at least 20 years.

Q8. Who is your source of motivation and role model in your domain?

The following are the people who are my motivation and role model:

  1. Tushar Joshi (Principal Architect, Persistent)
  2. Geertjan Weilenga (Azul Systems, Netherlands)

I have learned a lot from these people and they have been mentoring me for years without any expectations.

I would love to walk on their footprints.

Author of Books:

Instant NetBeans IDE How-to
Practical Java Programming for Beginners
Goal Setting – 4 Week Challenge
!40 Ways to Work From Home”

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