How to start a new Blog for Blogging?

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Blogging is the best way to share your knowledge with the world and earn money in this Digital world. It is a great source of Passive Income. It gives you full liberty to write your content at any time and from any where. You will share your expertise according to your niche on your Blogging Platform. It is a vast world where numbers of options are available for Blogging. But lots of confusion is there especially for new bloggers. Here we present a successful solution by the Best Bloggers from Blogging Industry about

How to start a new Blog for Blogging? What is the best procedure and How to find a good niche?

Answer by Mohit Bhargav

If you are still wondering, whether you should start blogging in 2021, or not. I recommend it’s the perfect time to start your blogging career. You just need to have a business mindset, you can scale it and generate good passive income.

The best procedure to start a new Blog :

To start a blog in the right direction, it would be best to understand each step that you need to go through to make your blog like the professionals.

Here are the 8 practical and actionable steps to make it easier for you to start a profitable blog without any hassle.

Step 1: Find a profitable niche

Step 2: Choose the right blogging platform (WordPress)

Step 3: Choose a perfect domain name for your blog

Step 4: Buy domain name & hosting

Step 5: WordPress Installation & basic setup

Step 6: Choose a lightweight SEO friendly theme for your blog

Step 7: Write and publish your first blog post

Step 8: A promotional strategy for your blog

How to find a good niche in Blogging?

Definitely, finding a good niche for blogging is one of the crucial steps because all your blogging success depends on your niche.

To make it easier for you, here is a quick formula for finding a profitable niche for your blog.

Profitable Niche = Your Passion + User Intent + Profitability

To find a perfect or profitable niche, you just need to know the topics that you are passionate about, find out what users are looking for on that topic and finally find out how profitable that topic is.

If you want to know more in detail, you can check out the full guide on How to Start a Blog in 2021 in Under 35 Minutes.



Answer by Archana Tiwari

Nowadays, blogging has turned into a business. Many bloggers are making six figures for their blogs. So starting a blog is going to be always best for everyone.

But it depends on you which Niche you will choose as I have covered in the previous question.

Future of Every blog depends on a few things, which are:-

  • Best Niche and Your Passion
  • Best Platform Like WordPress
  • Blazing Fast Hosting
  • Fast loading and Lightweight Theme and Plugin
  • Keywords and topic research with Your writing Skills

If you can perform these things, you will surely get success in blogging. There is no shortcut for getting success in blogging.

You can read my comprehensive guide (7000+ words) detailed guide to start a profitable blog.

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Answer by Joy Dhar

If you are planning to start blogging or beyond that make sure you know the basics of blogging like Niche selection, keyword research, SEO basic, content writing. It will help you to grow fast.  If you want an advanced and easy blogging experience then I would like to recommend WordPress, as it comes with bundle free themes and plugins which save our effort and time.

The best procedure to start a new Blog

At first, select any niche (topic) of your interest. Then check the volume (monthly searches) and competition of that topic. Always go for the niche with high volume with low competition.

Once you have selected the niche now go for the domain.

Tips while selecting the domain name :

  •  Include your niche/topic keyword in the domain name.
  • The domain name should be short and memorable.
  •  Don’t include hyphen or number in the domain name.

Once you have purchased your domain name now go for hosting which is affordable to you.

If you know Hindi then you can check this guide to start your first blog :

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Answer by Amol Chavan

No, it is not too late. Anyone can start Blogging and make good career in it. Once you start Blogging career, it is not limited to only Blogging. As Blogger, one can get exposure to develop so many skills like Writing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Outreach, etc.

Hence, Blogging is the best career option that gives you so many opportunities and help to learn multiple skills.

Here is the perfect procedure to start new blog:

  1. Pick up good niche to start blog. e.g. Technology, Blogging, Health, Education, etc. Do not write on multiple niches at the same time when you start. It would nice if one can stick to Single Niche. Even, micro niches are the best inside broad niche. For example, Health is the broad niche under that Men’s Health is the micro niche. By picking up perfect\micro niche, one can build authority easily.
  2. Next step is to pick up domain name. e.g., so here testblog is the Domain name. Blog name should be relevant, easily readable, and short and should have your blogging niche keyword. (Nice to have)
  3. Once you find niche and pick up domain, next part is grab good fast Web Hosting to host blog on WordPress platform.
  4. Next step is to configure Domain name with the WordPress Hosting platform.
  5. Now choose best WordPress theme. Initially if you do not have budget, try free WordPress theme.

Once blog setup is ready, one should create important pages like, About Us, Contact, Blog, Privacy policy and publish the first Blog post.

That is it.

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Answer by Nitin Dabas

Yes, of course, anyone can start blogging right now if he is motivated to it. It’s never late to take a step that is for a bright future.

Blogging is Evergreen.

Well, to start a blog, first you’ve to analyze yourself that on which topic you can write 20 posts without being bored. If you find the topic or field then, I think you should start blogging instantly.

The process of creating a blog starts with a domain name. It is the name that represents a blog, so it should be related to the niche. The second thing is the blogging platform, you may choose a free blogging platform like or you can choose self-hosted WordPress for which you need a paid hosting. I would recommend choosing a paid hosting and a custom domain for long-lasting blogging career.

You may refer my article on how to start a blog that provides you with a step by step tutorial to create a blog.



Answer by Vishwajeet Kumar

To start a blog, first you need to choose a niche. A niche can be anything which you are passionate about. I have seen that many newbie bloggers make this mistake by choosing a wrong niche. It is a big reason of being unsuccessful in blogging.

When you follow your passion then you can deliver high quality and helpful content which is very important to become a successful Blogger.

Definitely! It is a very profitable to make blogging as your career. All you need is to work hard, be consistent, and have patience. If you follow it then you can make passive income from Blogging.



Answer by Ayush Mishra

Starting a blog is not a very difficult task but before starting understand what is blogging? In today’s time Blogging is a business.

Here are steps to start a money-making blog

  1. 1. Find a niche
  2. 2. Choose a good domain and hosting
  3. 3. Setup WordPress
  4. 4. Start writing

You can easily start your blog in four easy steps on my blog I have published a detailed guide on how to start a blog from scratch

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Answer by Nirmal Panwar

Blogging is hot in 2021, first of all, select your niche (like-cooking, blogging, fitness). Buy a domain name and hosting, install WordPress, and some useful plugins. Start your profitable keywords reach and start writing a blog.