How to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced (IIT) Exams in Coronavirus Lockdown Period?

By Vinit Garg
Vinit Garg Exclusive Interview

How to use free time in Lockdown Period?

COVID-19 has created chaos everywhere in this entire world. But it has created an opportunity for those students who felt, they were lacking behind in race of IIT-JEE. This is blessing in disguise for them, as they have lots of time for self study. Cover the concepts in which they are legging behind. And for students who felt, they were at good rates in preparation now has time for more testing. They can give more and more tests. Everyone needs to keep their spirits high and work towards their goal. I am suggesting you some key points to use this free time for your JEE Exams. Follow these Key Points to get success.

Key Points:

1. Revise class notes, and if you feel you are facing any problem regarding it, contact your teacher.
2. More and more testing. Try to give one test everyday.
3. Practice different varities of questions.
4. Preapare a biological cycle in accordance to day of your Examination.
5. Do some Meditation, Yoga or some sort of activity which will make “feel good”.
6. Have Faith and Confidence in yourself.
7. Stay away from any sort of negativity.