How to create XML Sitemap of Website? How to upload it on Web Server and Google Search Console?

XML Sitemap file is a very importan for your Blog and Website. XML full form is Extensible Markup Language. XML Sitemap is a file that provides information about website pages and relationship like interlinking and many more between them. Google, Bing and any other search engine will crawl your website and all its pages to get information of your site like pages and updation etc. Search Engines can understand your website structure easily. It is very necessary if your website is very large and have more than 500 pages. XML-Sitemap is very important for SEO purpose and Indexing. It will boost your website in organic search and rank too. You can make sitemap of images and videos too. We will learn multiple things like “How to create XML-Sitemap”, “How to make XML-Sitemap”, “How to upload XML-Sitemap on Web Server” and “How to upload XML-Sitemap on Google Search Console” in this Blog.

You can make sitemap manually too. But there are lots of websites availalbe online that makes sitemap for us without coding. XML-Sitemap ( is one of best website in automatic sitemap generation, it provides free and Pro both services along with PHP script. It has a free Online Generator for sitemap creation. It create sitemap of website up to 500 pages free. You should go for Pro version for more than 500 pages website. It saves our time and gives a sitemap of our website to upload on our webserver and Google Search Console. We will do it in three major steps. First we will make a new XML-Sitemap of Blog and Website. Next we will upload it on Web Server and Lastly we will upload it on Google Search Console. Here we check step by step “How to create XML Sitemap of Blog and Website and upload it on Web Server and Google Search Console”:

How to create XML Sitemap of Blog and Website?

1. Go to XML-Sitemap website to create sitemap of any blog and website. Here you will create your sitemap automatically without coding.

2. Enter your website URL to create your website sitemap and click on start.

3. Process will start and it will scan all your website pages.

4. After the completion of process, it will give you complete scanning report. Simply click on the “View Sitemap Details” button.

5. A new page will open, click on Download your XML sitemap file. Your final sitemap.xml file will be downloaded on your computer drive.

How to upload XML Sitemap on Web Server?

6. Go to your Web Hosting Server like Godaddy, Bluehost. Go to the file manager in your web hosting and click on public_html folder to go in your root directory. Click on Upload button to upload new XML-Sitemap file.

7. A new dialog box will open, now click on Select File button to upload your sitemap.xml file in public_html folder.

8. Now it will upload sitemap.xml file and will give completion message when its has been uploaded on your web server.

9. Now you can see it is availalbe in public_html directory of your web server.

How to upload your XML Sitemap on Google Search Console?

10. Go to Google Search Console to upload your sitemap.xml file

11. Click on the sitemaps option from left panel, a new box will open in right side in Google Search Console

12. Type the sitemap.xml (Infront of your website URL like in Add a new sitemap box and click on submit button.

13. Google will check the avability of sitemap.xml file on your webserver. It will read the sitemap.xml from your website and gives completion message.

14. Now your sitemap.xml has submitted on the google search console. Google shows its status and details like last read and date.

15. This is the complete process in which you have learned to create XML-Sitemap for your blog and website, upload this XML-Sitemap on your Web Server and Google Search Console. Now you have XML-Sitemap file and Google will easily crawl it to get all information about your blog and website.