How Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting Education System?

By Mohit Mundra (Meraki Labs)
Mohit Mundra Interview

How Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting Education System?

Covid-19 Pandemic is becoming more and more threatening with time. Experts say without the vaccine it is not going anywhere. And WHO has predicted that it might take 12-18 months for the vaccine to develop. Since we recognize the seriousness of this pandemic now let’s understand how severely it has hit the Indian Education system. Indian schools have discontinued taking physical classes since March last week which counts to be almost 70+ days now. Thus, traditional education has come on hold. Thus no more meeting friends, school teachers, staff, taxi wale bhaiya, school canteen fun, outdoor games nothing.

Why schools are closed?

The highest priority right now should be to safeguard students from exposure to a virus, as the virus hits the children and senior citizens the most as per a report by WHO. Also in India, social distancing isn’t a normally observed thing in public places. Thus closing schools was a good choice keeping in mind about pandemic situations and safety.

How this lockdown is affecting the education system?

The education system massively depends upon the traditional classroom study and tuitions. Students have generated the psychology of learning in classroom and tuition classes only. Very few rely on self-learning. In this pandemic, the classes have been shifted to online. Also, the tuition center has started taking online classes. Also, we have many apps and tech companies which have their whole content and study online. Thus negligible online study in the past has become vitally crucial in today’s education system.

How is this pandemic affecting teacher?

Most of our concern is for students only but also there is a lot of pressure on teachers as well. With no salaries from the last 3 months, teachers are discovering a creative way to engage students online. Also, some of the teachers are not that much tech-friendly, thus struggling in the technical part also. Also one of the growing concerns among teachers is to maintain discipline through the online class.

What steps have gov taken for it?

The government has announced some online portal affiliated by gov for online studies. Also, the government started a dedicated tv channel for each class which will be telecasted across India free. Also, they have started radio classes for students living in remote areas. The government has also assured that no school can force fees from students in this lockdown and no name to be removed if parents failed to deposit fees on time.

What do school students feel about it?

Different Students across the globe have a distinct perspective on this pandemic and especially online class. Most of the students state that they are not able to meet their friends in person. Also, they have started craving for school and their routine. In online classes, they are not able to understand that efficiently as it was used to be. Students are also facing mental pressure concerning their future studies and many more.

What does college student is facing?

Felling that originated with the happiness of closing the college and no exam, has now turned to tension and fear about their future, jobs, career, semester, and degree. Each student in different domains and degrees has shown their concern about the future opportunity they will be having in the post-COVID-19 era. Thus College admission process has also been halted due to lockdown which will result in a delay in syllabus completion

What psychologist says about the online class?

Psychology says when we are in a physical class, all the senses of the body are active which further helps in increasing concentration and learning. But in online classes, students are able to engage with only 3 senses. Thus, it makes the class dull and unable to grasp what the teacher is speaking after a certain point of time. Also, the lack of interaction and home ambiance makes it difficult for students to understand the topics.

What will happen in the future?

The world will be divided into pre-COVID and post COVID. Thus our education system will also be modified a lot. The online classroom would a natural thing. AR[Augmented Reality], VR[Virtual Reality] classes would be conducted. Traditional Jobs and careers will face a lot of competition. Entrepreneurial skills will become a necessity to survive.