GIS is a transformation tool which converts Physical Data in to Digital Spatial Information.

The world is changing very fast. New Technologies beat old techniques which have been used frequently from last 20-30 years. All sectors are changed drastically. Offline Businesses are converting in to online Businesses. Paper works are converting in to Digital Copy. World of Mapping is also changed. All things are going to digital. People can do work on other city with the help of Satellite Images from his office. They work on images and give results in the form of Map, Conclusions and Statistics etc.
All this happen with the help of technology. We solve lots of problems like Flood, Drought, Drainage System, Water Harvesting and many more with the help of Remote Sensing and GIS. Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing and GIS are the modern tools for world. GIS is basically used to transform physical data in to Digital Information along with its Spatial Information. Every Country is converting their old physical data in to digital information with its spatial information and its attributes. It is safe comparing to physical data and it save space also. We can keep multiple copies of digital information’s or files for a safety purpose in Hard Disk, Cloud and Pen Drive etc. It is so cheap to keep multiple digital copies of various projects.

GIS is known as Geographic Information System. It is a digital processing and storage system designed to work on data and its corresponding attribute information. It gives geographical spatial information to the data. It have both hardware and software systems.

GIS is a powerful tool to handle, manipulate and integrate different types of data. Lots of software’s are used like ARC GIS, Erdas Imagine, IDL, Geomatrica etc. Each and every work is doing on these powerful GIS Software’s. Great processes like Projection, Georefrencing, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Adjustment, Mosaic, Recode, NDVI, Classification, DEM, TIN and Statistics are done by these software’s. It saves lots of time with a great accuracy.

GIS hardware devices like computer, laptop, printer, plotter and scanner are very helpful for transformation. These are the basic tools for scanning, printing, processing and updating. Good computer specification like RAM, Processor, Memory etc. are good for GIS work. Some operations require high specification to perform and give results. Large size maps like A0, A1 can easily scan on scanner and save in Pen Drive to use anywhere.

Digital GIS LULC Map

GIS works are done with the help of software like ARC GIS, Erdas Imagine, IDL and Geomatrica etc. These GIS programs manipulate and process data on desired method and operations. It is used in every field like Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Geology, Landuse, Wasteland, Degridation, Urban Planning, Watershed, Infrastructure, Road Network etc.