Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing and GIS) Online Video Course

1. What is Geoinformatics?

2. What is Remote Sensing?

3. What is GIS (Geographical Information System)?

4. How to make any Base Layer map in Arc Gis?

5. What is Shapefile and how to make a new Shapefile in Arc Gis?

6. How to make an Administrative map in Arc Gis?

7. How to make Geodatabase, Feature Dataset and Feature Class in Arc Gis?

8. How to import Shapefile in a Geodatabase using Arc Gis?

9. How to export Shapefile in Arc Gis?

10. How to extract any feature from Shapefile in Arc Gis?

11. How to Project any Shapefile in Arc Gis?

12. How to calculate Area in Attribute Table of any Shapefile?

13. How to calculate Summary Statistics of any shapefile?

14. How to Reproject Shapefile in Arc Gis?

15. How to open a Arc Gis Shapefile in to Google Earth?

16. How to open Google Earth kml/kmz file in Arc Gis as a shapefile?

17. How to add field in attribute table of shapefile in Arc Gis?

18. How to remove field in attribute table of Shapefile in Arc Gis?

19. How to join field in attribute table from Excel in Arc Gis?

20. How to join Excel file to Geodatabase table in Arc Gis?

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