Life is full of surprises – Dr. Seema Sharma

Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Sharma
(Ph.D, M.Sc, M.Ed.)

Dr. Seema Sharma is a dynamic personality in the education sector. She is an educator and compere. She loves teaching. She had done several educational degrees due to her passion for studies. She enjoys her every moment of life and always gives suggestions to live life full of joy. Teaching is her hobby and career too. She thinks that teaching as a career is a social cause for everyone. She thinks that Life is full of surprises and I love surprises. We got a chance to get her interview. She shares her career, current projects and life journey moments with us. We are presenting this great conversation for all of you.

Q1. Please tell us about your journey?

I am a big believer in Post Secondary education. It adds a lot of value to those newer to the workplace. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Science in 2000 from J.N.V.U. Then I did my P.G. in Geology in 2002. Just as a holiday, I joined one school in 2002 as TGT (Science) along with my studies. So that was my start, we can say. And after that, I did my B.Ed, M.Ed, and Ph.D. Although I was studying but I continued with my job as by this time my hobby was converted into my passion. I want to add on this thing, that teaching is in my blood. My father was an amazing teacher although he was working in J.N.V.U (Non-Teaching Department). Life is full of surprises and I love these surprises whether good or bad because hard times are like big crash the road but it would teach you how to avoid similar problems.

Q2. Discuss some achievements of your career with us?

Being Olympiad, I am conducting Olympiad successfully in 5-6 subjects from the last 5 years and had been awarded as ‘Best Coordinator’ for 3 consecutive years by one of the organizations. I had also received a certificate of appreciation. I have participated in many workshops related to different aspects of students e.g. behavioral, Academics, A.E.P.

Q3. Currently you are working on which project?

I am working in AIR as a casual compere since 2001, work which I enjoy most after teaching. Paritosh The Ultimate Satisfaction, providing satisfaction to students and parents is my current project.

Q4. How do you take your field as a career for students?

During one parent’s orientation program, I asked parents how many of you want your child to become. Doctor: 70-80% Engineer: 60% Teacher: No one The answer is superb; no one wants to see their child as a teacher. And these were the parents who were always complaining about the teacher’s teaching method. It is a superb field where all these doctors, engineers, CA are prepared, so one should come up with innovative ideas in this profession too. Education has a great scope in the future.

Paritosh Institute
Q5. How much technology has changed your teaching methods?

Smart classes are a new method of learning nowadays. It provides very minute details in the very simplest manner.

Q6. What are the suggestions for students?

You can learn each and everything from life, enjoy small things of nature like the chirping of birds, sunrise and sunset and Mom‘s food, etc. There will be times when you are happy as well as sad. But in the end, everything is nothing but an amazing experience. Yes but plan your things. Don’t waste your time on the past and future. Make your present an amazing one.

Q7. What is Paritosh Institute for students?

Paritosh works from basics, it may take 2-3 days extra but makes the foundation strong, because it is not a matter of profession, it is a matter of Passion and satisfaction.

Q8. What are your views on

First I would like to thank for providing this opportunity. Using technology in the classroom allows teachers to develop their student’s digital skills, enhances the interaction with their classmates and instructors.