Educator Interviews

Educator Interviews

Dr. Amit Sharma

Media is playing a very vital role in making people aware, shaping opinion, and persuade people in national development. – Dr. Amit Sharma

Interview with Dr. Amit Sharma Dr. Amit Sharma Assistant Professor (Sr.), School of Media and CommunicationManipal University, Jaipur (Rajasthan) Q1 ...
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Dr. Kapil Shrimal

Finance in an important part of life. Without proper financial management and planning one cannot survive properly. – Dr. Kapil Shrimal

Interview with Dr. Kapil Shrimal Dr. Kapil Shrimal Sr. Assistant Professor, Prestige Institute of Management and ResearchIndore, MP, India Q1 ...
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Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Photogrammetry is a Science and art of precise measurement with the help of Aerial Photographs. – Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Interview with Ravindra Nath Tiwari Ravindra Nath Tiwari HOD, GeoInformatics, NIGMT FoundationNew Delhi, India Q1. What exactly is Photogrammetry and ...
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Kushagra Bhatia

Without digital marketing, a website or app is as good as a brochure. – Kushagra Bhatia

Interview with Kushagra Bhatia Kushagra Bhatia Founder at WsCube Tech & Co-Founder at GeekoLogixJodhpur, Rajasthan, India Q1. Please share your ...
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Avik Sinha

I try to associate the economic concepts with stories and day-to-day life examples. – Avik Sinha

Interview with Avik Sinha Avik Sinha Associate Professor at GIMGoa, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with ...
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Dr. Bharat Bhushan

Given the right motivation and guidance, the youth today can bring about a prodigious change that can make our country reach the top of the world. – Dr. Bharat Bhushan

Interview with Dr. Bharat Bhushan Dr. Bharat Bhushan Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,School of Engineering and Technology, ...
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Dr. Sunil Bhutada

Data Mining is used to extract valuable data from an enormous amount of available data. – Dr. Sunil Bhutada

Interview with Dr. Sunil Bhutada Dr. Sunil Bhutada Professor at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and TechnologyHyderabad, Telangana, India Q1. Please ...
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Aspiring Engineers can understand the mindset of interviewer in my new book “Java Professional Interview Guide”. – Mandar Jog

Interview with Mandar Jog Mandar Jog Author, Mentor, CoachCorporate Trainer for Java, J2EE, PythonPune, Maharashtra, India Q1. Please share your ...
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Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty

Data science is the only mechanism by which you spot fake and fraudulent activities from the massive amount of data available online. – Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty

Interview with Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty Assistant Professor and Ramanujan FellowDept. of CSE, IIIT Delhi, IndiaDirector, Laboratory for ...
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Karman Khanna

I believe a good teacher knows two things very well – their subject and their students. – Karman Khanna

Interview with Karman Khanna Karman Khanna Assistant Professor at GIMGoa, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with ...
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Dr. Kartar Singh

Geoinformatics is all about to provide computer simulation based advanced solutions for complex earth objects / system relationships. – Dr. Kartar Singh

Interview with Dr. Kartar Singh Dr. Kartar Singh Ex- Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Earth Sciences, Banasthali Vidyapith UniversityEx- Research fellow, Department ...
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Teaching should comprise all aspects of every profession. – Prof. Shashikant Patil

Interview with Shashikant Patil Prof. Shashikant Patil Associate Professor (Electronics & Telecommunication)MPSTME Shirpur, SVKM's NMIMS, Shirpur CampusDhule, Maharashtra, India Q1 ...
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Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Self-motivation is the only thing what a student requires to excel in career and academics. – Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Interview with Dr. Rahul Tripathi Dr. Rahul Tripathi Proctor and Professor at Amity UniversityJaipur, Rajasthan Q1. Please share your educational ...
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ASK is the best thing to do A: Always with the right Attitude , S: Seek, K: Knowledge. – Shailesh Pillai

Interview with Shailesh Pillai Shailesh Pillai An IGCSE/AS/A Level/IB (MYP/SL/HL) Maths & Stats Teacher,Life Skills Trainer & Certified Emotions Mastery ...
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Organizations can make smart move with the help of Big Data Analytics. – Soumen Manna

Interview with Soumen Manna Soumen Manna Assistant Professor of Big Data AnalyticsGIM, Goa, India Q1. Please share your educational and ...
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Dr. Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan

FDP is a quite intensive program which gave me a chance to redefine my teaching career. – Dr. Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan

Interview with Dr. Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan Dr. Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan Associate Professor at GIMGoa, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional ...
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Abhishek Sharma

Psychology is all about us, every one of us. – Dr. Abhishek Sharma

Interview with Dr. Abhishek Sharma Dr. Abhishek Sharma Assistant Professor (Psychology)Associate Dean, Faculty of Management and Behavioural SciencesSardar Patel University ...
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Dr. Shivendra Singh

Chemistry is about learning the nature of molecules and atoms that are present in every matter. – Dr. Shivendra Singh

Interview with Dr. Shivendra Singh Dr. Shivendra Singh Assistant Professor (Chemistry), School of Liberal Arts & SciencesMody University of Science ...
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Remote Sensing and Wireless Sensor Network is a very demanding field in today’s world. – Dr. G Harikrishnan

Interview with Dr. G Harikrishnan Dr. G Harikrishnan Principal, Holy Grace Academy of EngineeringThrissur, Kerala Q1. Please share your educational ...
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I want to be a rich in knowledge and dignified in profession. – Dr. Mahender Mahi

Interview with Dr. Mahender Mahi Dr. Mahender Mahi Lecturer (Zoology)Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional ...
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Dr. Gokula Krishnan

EAT WELL! SLEEP WELL!! & FAMILY IS FIRST!!! – Dr. S. Gokula Krishnan

Interview with Dr. S. Gokula Krishnan Dr. S. Gokula Krishnan Professor, Entrepreneur, Data Analyst, ResearcherBengaluru, Karnataka, India Q1. Please share ...
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Priti Srinivas Sajja

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning imparts intelligence into Machines. – Priti Srinivas Sajja

Interview with Priti Srinivas Sajja Priti Srinivas Sajja Professor at Sardar Patel UniversityAnand, Gujarat, India Q1. Please share your inspirational ...
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Dr. Rahul Kher

Identify your interests; pursue them with your 110%. Success is yours. – Dr. Rahul Kher

Interview with Dr. Rahul Kher Dr. Rahul Kher Associate ProfessorAnand, Gujarat, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? ...
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swapan deep kaur

Our primary aim is to create mental health awareness through holistic interaction across multiple lifestyle domains. – Swapan Deep Kaur

Interview with Swapan Deep Kaur Swapan Deep Kaur Assistant Professor, Content Manager, SociologistFounder at Tatava ConnectChandigarh, India Q1. Please share ...
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My objective is that each and every student should learn to be independent thinkers and problem solvers. – Dr. Ghanshyam

Interview with Dr. Ghanshyam Dr. Ghanshyam Professor and Training Placement OfficerBIT Sindri, Dhanbad, Jharkhand Q1. Please share your educational and ...
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dr.ashok jammi

I want to implement curriculum according to the industry requirements. – Dr. Ashok Jammi

Interview with Dr. Ashok Jammi Dr. Ashok Jammi Professor & PrincipalAnurag College of EngineeringHyderabad, Telangana, India We become what we ...
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dr. indranil samanta

Employment is not an issue in Veterinary science – Dr. Indranil Samanta

Interview with Dr. Indranil Samanta Dr. Indranil Samanta Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary MicrobiologyWest Bengal University of Animal and Fishery ...
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By practicing reusing of the treated water we can reduce our per capita water consumption by 40 to 60%. – Makarand Ghangrekar

Interview with Makarand Ghangrekar Makarand Ghangrekar Professor, Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering,Head, School of Environmental Science and EngineeringHead, PK ...
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Dr.C.V.Siva Rama Prasad

Civil Engineering construction related subjects enables you to look at the creative aspects of engineering. – Dr. C. V. Siva Rama Prasad

Interview with Dr. C. V. Siva Rama Prasad Dr. C. V. Siva Rama Prasad Ph.D., LMICI, MIIBE, MIAENG, AMIRED, MASRAssociate ...
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Nothing is precious than molding and shaping the younger generation of the society. – Dr. BALAKRISHNAN S

Interview with Dr.BALAKRISHNAN S Dr.BALAKRISHNAN S International Data Science Writer 2019IEEE Brand Ambassador, Author, Editor, MentorPROFESSOR and Head, Department of ...
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Many people do not believe it, but I really do believe, that the love for mathematics can also be developed. – Amit Bansal

Interview with Amit Bansal Amit Bansal Director, Head Faculty,Lead Educationalist at HorizonsLudhiana, Punjab, India Q1. Please share your educational and ...
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Read, Understand and Remember in own style. – Dr. Somnath Thigale

Interview with Dr. Somnath Thigale Dr. Somnath Thigale Associate Professor at SVERIPune, Maharashtra, India Q1. Please share your inspirational journey ...
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Retail remains one of the largest industries across the world and has been very agile in adopting the upcoming technology. – Dr. Deependra Sharma

Interview with Dr. Deependra Sharma Dr. Deependra Sharma Professor (Marketing), Amity Business SchoolAmity University, Gurgaon, Haryana, India Q1. You are ...
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I want to see my college shining brighter as regards the academic pursuits, with the optimum utilization of the facilities and resources. – Dr. Birinchi Kumar Das

Interview with Dr. Birinchi Kumar Das Dr. Birinchi Kumar Das Principal, B.H.B. College, SarupetaDistrict Barpeta, Assam Q1. Please share your ...
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dr sandeep kautish

Education is the “key” to the future & I always desired to be part of teaching community for offering “keys” to our next generation. – Dr. Sandeep Kautish

Dr. Sandeep KautishDean-Academics & ProfessorAcademic Researcher, Editor, ReviewerLBEF Campus (In Collaboration with Asia Pacific University, Malaysia)Kathmandu, Nepal Q1. Please share ...
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I love to be known as an academician, it is the best way to share your knowledge, nurture students in different ways. – Dr. Shiv Kumar Verma

Dr. Shiv Kumar VermaProfessor & DeanSchool of Technology,Blue Crest University College, Accra, Ghana Q1. Please share your educational and professional ...
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Packaging cares Product, People, and Planet – Dr. Kirtiraj K. Gaikwad

Dr. Kirtiraj K. GaikwadAssistant Professor, Packaging Technology DisciplineDepartment of Paper TechnologyIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee Uttarakhand, India Dr. Kirtiraj K ...
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I think that the government should work on the promotion of research activities and create a research environment. – Vyomesh Vibhaw Jha

Vyomesh Vibhaw JhaAssistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry,Patna University, Patna Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? My father Shri ...
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kalyana rama js

I always say to students that “Nothing is impossible unless you try”. – Dr. Sri Kalyana Rama Jyosyula

Dr. Sri Kalyana Rama JyosyulaProfessor, Department of Civil EngineeringResearch and Development CoordinatorVignana Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India Q1. Please ...
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The main problem in India is the near-absence of R&D culture among industries. – Tapan Sengupta

Tapan K SenguptaProfessor, High Performance Computing LabDept. Aerospace Engineering, IIT KanpurKanpur, Uttar Pradesh Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with ...
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I realized that my true calling was in education sector. – Dr. Sahana Prasad

Dr. Sahana PrasadAssociate Professor, Department of StatisticsChrist University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I ...
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Diabetes patients are growing rapidly in the world, mainly in developing countries. – Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

Dr. Sunil Kumar JoshiMD, MPhil (Occup. Med), PG Dip. Diabetology, PhD (Public Health & Com Med)Professor and Head, Department of ...
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Prof H N Mishra

Food technology has a great potential in livelihood and employment generation. – Dr. H N Mishra

Dr. H N MishraProfessor of Food TechnologyAgricultural and Food Engineering DepartmentIndian Institute of Technology KharagpurKharagpur, West Bengal, India A Brief ...
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I combine my unique “speed maths” techniques with Vedic maths to do mental maths where students solve problems orally without pen and paper really. – Rakesh Agrawal

Rakesh AgrawalFounder at Radix TechnocratsVedic Maths Expert, COO & EdupreneurPune, Maharashtra, India Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? ...
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Dr. Pranav Kumar Prabhakar

I wish one day I will have some herbal formula for the diabetes and its complication management which can be cheap, efficient, and effective. – Dr. Pranav Kumar Prabhakar

Dr. Pranav Kumar PrabhakarAssociate Professor, School of Allied Medical SciencesLovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India Dr Pranav Kumar Prabhakar has ...
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dr a arun kumar

With hard work and dedication, achieving success in academics and career is a cake walk. – Dr. A. Arun Kumar

Dr. A. Arun KumarMBA, Ph.D.,PDF, Assistant ProfessorICFAI Law School, ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education(Deemed to be University U/S of UGC ...
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We should concentrate on molding youth with critical thinking, questioning mind and moral values. – Dr. P U Antony

Dr. P U AntonyProfessor of Zoology, Christ UniversityDirector- Forest Watch: A conservation initiative at the foothills of Western GhatsBengaluru, Karnataka ...
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Delegate the right work to right person and give freedom in executing the assigned work. – Dr. Gopinath Chintala

Dr. Gopinath ChintalaPrincipal at Baba Institute of Technology and SciencesVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? ...
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It is required to manage rather than working all alone as the multiple roles assigned simultaneously. – Dr. Debabrata Samanta

Dr. Debabrata SamantaAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Computer ScienceCHRIST (Deemed to be University)Bengaluru, Karnataka Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? ...
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dr-permanand- singh-chauhan

Transforming Education through New Technologies and Human Values: A Smarter way of Learning. – Dr. Premanand Singh Chauhan

Dr Premanand Singh ChauhanPrincipal, IPS College of Technology and ManagementAdvisor, Gayatri Auto IndustriesGwalior, Madhya Pradesh Dr Chauhan is a well-known ...
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Emotional bonding is necessary to motivate anyone. If teacher develops trust with students than he or she shall listen to you. – Dr. Mithilesh Narayan Bhatt

Dr. Mithilesh Narayan BhattAssistant Professor,Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice,Jodhpur, Rajasthan Q1. Please share your educational and ...
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Be patient, things will come back. I strongly believe this is just test of our mettle. – Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek MishraProfessor (Marketing)Indian Institute of Management, Indore Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I did my schooling till ...
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I would say that I was born to be a teacher and would continue to be one for as long as, I can. – Dr. Jacinta Dsilva

Dr. Jacinta DsilvaVisiting Assistant ProfessorModul University in Dubai, UAE Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I come from ...
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I want to work on the abatement of global warming and environmental pollution and the second is increasing agricultural productivity. – Dr. Shashikant Yadav

Dr. Shashikant YadavAssistant Professor, Department of Chemical EngineeringDr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar Q1. Please share your educational ...
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I like academics more due to opportunity to work and interact with youth and novel excitement with newer challenges and opportunities. – Prof. Jignesh Bhatt

Prof. Jignesh G. BhattAssociate Professor, Department of Instrumentation and Control EngineeringFaculty of Technology, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat Q1. Please ...
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Dr. Rubee Singh (Author) “Government Schemes for Child Protection in India”

Dr. Rubee SinghManaging Editor at IJARSH Q1. Hello, Author Dr. Rubee Congratulations for the release of your book. Please let ...
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Biotechnology is the backbone of Indian GDP in 21ST Century. – Dr. Saurabh Kumar Jha

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Jha, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of BiotechnologySchool of Engineering & Technology, Sharda UniversityGreater Noida, Uttar Pradesh Q1. Please ...
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Teaching is my passion and everything to me – Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde

Dr. Ramakrishna HegdeAssociate Professor (CSE)Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru, Karnataka Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? Hi, everyone ...
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I always take new responsibility and roles keeping in mind the benefit for my students – Dr. Ripal Ranpara

Dr. Ripal RanparaAssistant Professor, DBA, Semantic WebAtmiya Institute of Technology & ScienceRajkot, Gujarat Q1. Please share your educational and professional ...
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Whatever you dream of becoming should be well equipped with the perfect combination of diligence and intelligence – Dr. Souvik Ganguli

Dr. Souvik GanguliAssistant Professor, EIEDThapar Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPatiala, Punjab Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? Right ...
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Work as hard as possible, invest your best in every endeavor – Dr. Rana Mukherji

Dr. Rana MukherjiPresident- Institute Innovation Council & Assistant Professor, Icfai Tech School (Faculty of Science and Technology)The ICFAI University, JaipurDr ...
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Analytical skills mean the demonstration of logical thinking, gathering of data, arranging in different methods – Dr. Rohit Bansal

Dr. Rohit Bansal (Ph.D.-IIT Roorkee)Assistant Professor (Accounting & Finance) Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? In 2005, I ...
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Discipline and Meeting Deadlines are one of the important aspects that I used to inculcate into my students – Dr. Arvind Yadav

Dr. Arvind YadavPh.D (IIT Roorkee)Professor, PIET, Vadodara, Gujarat Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I did my schooling ...
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Teaching is about inspiring and motivating students to realize and exceed their potentials – Dr. Vikram Kumar

Dr. Vikram KumarAssistant Professor (Civil Engineering), Gaya College of EngineeringPh.D. (IIT Roorkee), M.Tech (IIT BHU) Q1. Please share your educational ...
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Think Positive, Create History, Serve Community and Make Parent Proud – Dr. Bijendra Kumar

Dr. Bijendra KumarAssistant Professor (Civil Engineering) Dr. Bijendra Kumar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Bakhtiyarpur College of ...
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Microbiology is a Health Science, related to individual as well as community health – Anand Bhatt

Anand BhattAssociate Professor, Coordinator Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us? After passing matriculation (old S.S.C.), I joined a ...
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Passion, planning and perseverance are necessary pre requisites to be a successful entrepreneur – Prof. Vinay Nangia

Prof. Vinay NangiaMentor, Guide for Education Business& Start Ups, IIT Roorkee Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us? Journey ...
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We help ambitious professionals grow their income by developing their communication skills – Piyush Bhatia

Piyush BhatiaAuthor, Trainer, EntrepreneurBM English Speaking Institute (Founder & CEO) Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I have ...
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SWOT Analysis is basically tool to identify the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to your personality – Dr. Sunil Deshpande

Dr. Sunil DeshpandeProfessional Soft Skills Development Academy (Founder) Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us? After Engineering (Graduation), I ...
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Teachers must understand the emotional and psychological requirements of the children – Sanjay Jogai

Sanjay JogaiPrincipal, DWPS, Jamshedpur Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? Being born and brought up in a very ...
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Focus on what you are doing, give your best – Professor Mukesh Upadhyay

Professor Mukesh UpadhyayPh.D, MCA (Hons), GATE, NETLachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology (LMCST), Jodhpur Q1. Please share your educational ...
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My objective is to motivate my students to develop their learning interest and critical thinking – Dr. Arun Balodi

Dr. Arun BalodiAssociate Professor & HOD (ECE)Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey? I ...
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It is your life, define it yourself, and design your destiny. – Dr. Chandrakumar K

Dr. Chandrakumar KAssistant Professor Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us? I did my undergraduate in BBA ...
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Practice, Patience & Discipline are the keys to crack JEE & NEET- Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu GuptaChemistry Faculty (JEE and NEET) Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us? I belong from Capital ...
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Business Management is incomplete without learning Applied Finance and Marketing. – Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain

Dr. Yogesh Kumar JainMentor and Leader Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain is an Academician with more than 9 years experience and ...
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I firmly believe that Great Power Comes with Great Responsibilities. – Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta

Dr. Manish Kumar GuptaAssistant Professor, PhysicsDean of Students Affairs, GSFC University Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta is a Dean of Students’ ...
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Finance is called as lifeblood of business and it is at the top of hierarchy of any organization- Dr. Vinay Kandpal

Dr. Vinay KandpalAssistant ProfessorDepartment of General ManagementSchool of Business, UPES, Dehradun Dr. Vinay Kandpal is an Assistant Professor in Department ...
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Best way to crack NEET exams for students is to read NCERT – Vivek Rai

Vivek RaiBiology Expert (NEET-UG) Vivek Rai is a Biology Faculty. He did his B.Sc in Biology and M.Sc in Botany ...
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Physics is amazing, I have always been fascinated with it. – Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu GuptaPhysics Expert (JEE & NEET)WikiPens (Founder) Himanshu Gupta is a Physics Expert. He is a Mining Engineer and MBA ...
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Physics is pure Philosophy for me. That’s why I decided to teach physics. – Amrit Yadav

Amrit YadaviStart Education (Director)Physics Expert Amrit Yadav is a multitalented personality. He is a Civil Engineer by education. Along that ...
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Hybrid Education Hub has given more than 25 selections in JEE and NEET in the last 4 years. – Vinay Hans

Vinay HansHybrid Education Hub (Founder)Physics Expert Vinay Hans is a founder of Hybrid Education Hub Institute in Jodhpur and a ...
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Teaching is my love, it’s more than passion – CA Jitendra Jain (Bhavisha Institute)

CA Jitendra JainBhavisha Institute (Founder) CA Jitendra Jain is the founder of Bhavisha Institute. Bhavisha Institute offers CA, CS and ...
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I teach students with DFT technique which is more practical rather than Rattafication – Dr. Pravesh Gautam

Dr. Pravesh GautamBiolgy Expert (NEET-UG Expert), DENTIST Dr. Pravesh Gautam is a senior faculty of Biology in Jodhpur. He has ...
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Teaching has choosen me to make many good engineers for my country – Vinit Garg

Vinit GargMaths Expert (IIT-JEE) Vinit Garg is a brilliant maths teacher. He is an engineer. He cracked IIT, CAT, QUANT ...
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French is the most in demand language for Indians – Namita Sharma

Namita SharmaMaven Institute (Co-founder) Namita Sharma is a co-founder of Maven Institute. She founded Maven with their co-founders Shekhar Thanvi ...
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Life is full of surprises – Dr. Seema Sharma

Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Sharma(Ph.D, M.Sc, M.Ed.) Dr. Seema Sharma is a dynamic personality in the education sector. She is an ...
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