Dr. Rubee Rajput

GLA University released book written by Dr. Rubee Singh titled “Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Policy for Sustainable Development”

After the release of the book, the Chief Executive Officer of the University, Mr. Neeraj Agrawal congratulated the author of the book, Dr. Rubee Singh and also wished for her bright future. He said that this book has been written on a very vivid subject and will educate new generation very well in today’s environment.

He hoped that teachers should be interested in teaching as well as writing. This opens the way for mental development of a teacher and the teacher should also distributes his knowledge in book form. Head of Department of Institute of Business Management, Prof.(Dr) Somesh Dhamija and other teachers were present on this occasion.

About the Book:

This ground-breaking collection of chapters includes the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men. Gender equality also describes the absence of apparent or implied disparities among individuals based on gender, therefore, this book intends to highlight the disparity in the society even though we claim that there is equality.

Government has instituted several laws and Acts in favour of women, but unfortunately, inspite of all the support by the constitutional and legal rights their freedom is still overlooked and a far reality. The female population in many countries till date are often exposed to discrimination, several kinds of mental and sexual harassment, moral discomfort and are still looked down upon.

Dr. Ruby Rajput Book

If we evaluate further, the living condition for females is worse in the rural areas and urban slums where they are exposed to all possible uncivilized behaviour from the male counter parts. The book highlights several reasons for such behaviour as lack of education, awareness of their rights. Some of the chapters underline the importance of paving the way for female empowerment with the help of law enforcement as well as increased awareness through education so that they can empower themselves.

Dr. Ruby_Rajput

In the twenty-first century, we need to create a synergy in our society which can only be evident if both genders work together to build it further. Female empowerment is commonly associated with social justice and equality, therefore, a critical topic to discuss in the unprecedented times when lockdown. SDG-5 Gender Equality & Female Empowerment Policy became a vulnerable period for already harassed female victims.

Therefore, female empowerment becomes an even pressing issue for policy makers, intellectuals, social activists and the female population. This book deals with numerous burning issues, views, arguments, problems, aspects and different perspectives of women’s empowerment and gender equalities in India.

Article and Photo Credit: Dr. Ruby Rajput