Dr. Rubee Singh (Author) “Government Schemes for Child Protection in India”

Dr. Rubee Singh
Managing Editor at IJARSH

Q1. Hello, Author Dr. Rubee Congratulations for the release of your book. Please let us know something about your inspirational journey?

My name is Dr Rubee Singh and I belong to Lucknow City also known as the “Nawabon Ka Shahar” and now living in Delhi, the capital city of India.  I have been very good in my studies and have always been a topper in my class right from my childhood, therefore, after completing my graduation, I came to Delhi to complete my MBA, which was a dream come true.  After completing my MBA successfully and topping my class, I was given an opportunity to complete my Doctorate in HR from Noida International University, therefore at the age of 26 I was the youngest person to complete my PhD.  My dedication towards education can be considered as an inspiration for many youths to pursue their education early especially in the research field and contribute towards the educated population of the country. I am a National Record Holder for “India Book of Records” 2020 in book writing for the IBM book and was also selected for Asia book of Records 2021 edition as Grand Master in book writing in the Asia Region. I wear many hats at the same time as a Professor, Editor, Author and a Social activist. Most importantly, I am an avid reader and writer with an avid photographer whenever time permits me.

Q2. What did attract you towards Human Rights and Peace?

Since you have asked me this question let me talk a little about something immensely important thing in my life. I belong to a country which has rich history and whose foundation is based on non-violence given to us by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji.   The constitution of India works on the principles of  Panchsheel Treaty i.e. Non-interference in others internal affairs and respect for each other’s territorial unity, integrity and sovereignty. Being a responsible citizen of India I am a United Nations volunteer & a contributing author for Voices of Youth (UNICEF). I developed my passion for social work from my childhood when I saw my parents helping our neighbors and other people in need.  I have been doing a lot of social work around my dwelling and whenever time permits around my city. I don’t like violence I follow Gandhiji’s principles of non-violence and peace. For supporting UN SDG agenda 2030, I like to work for human rights & peace, most importantly women empowerment. Looking at my passion and outstanding contribution to social work, an honorary doctorate was conferred on me by Royal American University, USA, in Human Rights & Peace in September 2019. Recently, I was also awarded a Chartered Global Peace Building Professional by George Washington University of Peace, USA for the academic year 2020-21.

Q3. Recently you have written a Book “Government Schemes for Child Protection in India”. Please share something about your book?

Yes this book is quite insightful especially for the future generation of my country.   This book focuses on how we can implement child’s rights, government schemes at Central level, State level and District level.  I have been working with underprivileged children for a long time and have been providing them with basic education and other necessities for many years.  The book was a long awaited dream to create awareness about the child rights and protection of our future generation.   There are many provisions and schemes in Constitution and government policies, so to mention a few which are given in articles 21,23,24,39 45 and 51 of our Constitution. 

  • Article-21– The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all the children falling between the age group of six to fourteen years in such manner as the State may, by law, determine.
  • Article 23: Prohibits trafficking in human beings and beggar or any other form of forced labour.
  • Article 24: Prohibits employment of children under the age of fourteen years in a factory, mine or in any other hazardous employment.
  • Article 39: The state shall ensure children are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity. It must also be ensured that childhood and youth are protected against exploitation and against moral and material abandonment.
  • Article 45: The state shall endeavour to provide free and compulsory education to children until they attain they age of fourteen years.
  • Article 51: It shall be the duty of every citizen of India who is a parent or guardian to provide opportunities for education to his child or, as the case may be, ward between the age of six and fourteen years

Q4. Who is your source of inspiration to write book on Child Protection?

This question is very crucial for me. My teacher Mr. Ashish Kumar is a source of inspiration to write the book on children’s rights and protection, “Government Schemes for Child Protection in India”.  I was not much aware about policies, governance, social issues related subject though I was working for several social causes and I was a student from medical and management background. It was not easy for me to understand Child’s right related articles but I took it as a challenge to understand how we can improve life of poor and underprivileged children and during coaching classes, I was really inspired by Mr. Ashish Kumar’s lectures and last decided to write this important book for society.

Q5. You are a Child Ambassador for India representing multiple countries of world. How do you manage all with your writing skills as an Author?

Yea, I am a Child Ambassador of India representing four countries namely, Canada, United Kingdom, Finland & Australia. I am an avid reader and a writer and always follow Promodoro Techniques for time management.  We cannot expect for more than 24 hours in a day but we can always efficiently use the time given to us, therefore, I always carry my diary and a  pen with me and create a to do list and make sure to complete all my tasks on time. I am always ready to write any new challenging topics because I am more inclined towards doing research on different topics.

Q6. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

I always remember my parents for this good habit that they have inculcated in me.  The first thing I do in the morning is meditation, which is also a practice from ancient India.  This meditation first thing in the morning gives me complete and vital energy to perform all my tasks diligently.  I love to spend some time in the morning in my spiritual duties which gives me the support to take up new challenges and remain positive in all my endeavours.

Q7. You are an Ambassador, Editor, Secretary, Board Member and Volunteer. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

I believe that this life is full of challenging tasks and we need to contribute to our society as well as become an example for the future generation especially young girls.  I want to inspire young girls to bring women empowerment in all sectors. From childhood, I liked doing challenging tasks in different field. I never wanted to live common life like others in my society.  I believe that no work is big or small and therefore, even though, I have a hectic schedule, I always try and find time to do different things such as teaching underprivileged children, photography and reading and writing.  Our life can only be exemplary if we put our hardwork and dedication to everything we do in life. I feel highly honored and lucky that I am playing multiple roles for my country with high designation & challenging task.

Q8. Many authors and readers will come across this book during this COVID-19 pandemic. What is your message to those readers and authors?

 Ans. Books are our best friends. They decorate our houses. We should buy them not only for us but also for our children. Books improve our knowledge. We should put them in our heart. After reading, we forget our woes and worries.  Therefore, my message to the young generation is to embrace books and impart the knowledge.

Q9. What encourages you to become an Author? Describe Your few research award? What is your current goal in research field?

There are many things small and big that inspired me to become an author. I see the present condition of people in my society, how they live their life.  Life in remote villages is very dangerous and there is limited education. People are struggling in every field. I feel for them and believe that if I can do something through my research and writing I will feel content.  These things encourage me to writing. I believe I am an excellent researcher that’s the reason I have received, Best Reviewer Award of the Year, Excellent Researcher Award, Best Faculty Award, Young Scientist Award & Best Managing Editor Award of the Year 2020.  My future goal is to enroll for Post doctoral program as soon as possible like I completed my PhD I am eagerly wanting to pursue this prestigious position to further my research career .

Q10. You are running 3 journal at the young age of 25 years? Can you like to share some detail about IJARSH Journal who are affiliated with CSEBS Osmania University?

Thanks for asking this question. Yes, I am managing 3 journals  in which 2 are international journal and one is a national level journal. I am managing IJIEMR Elsevier SSRN from the young age of 25yrs as a Managing Editor. Along with this I am managing IJARSH & Management Sentier from 2018 Managing Editor. Yes, my journal IJARSH is associated with Centre for Socio Economic & Business Studies (CSEBS), Department of Business Management & Commerce Osmania University. It is quite challenging for me to manage IJARSH with high quality research which are associated with a central government university and prove to be a good Managing Editor.  My Heartfelt gratitude goes to Professor Shekhar , Director CSEBS & Dr Arun Kumar for giving me this challenging work and supporting my decisions.

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