What is Coronavirus (COVID-19), its Symptoms and Prevention?

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is a deadly virus that killed so many people around the world. It started from China (Wuhan) and it has spread more than 100 countries. Inverstigation shows that it has transmitted from animals to human. It starts from normal cough and cold then goes serious. Coronavirus symptoms are fever, cough, cold and problem in breathing, problem in respiratory system and death in serious conditions. It spreads from coughing, touching any infected surface. WHO has declared it pandemic situation. China, Italy, Iran are the most effected countries and lost thousands of people in last 2-3 months due to coronavirus.

Right now we don’t have any coronavirus vaccine or special treatment to cure from disease. Schools, Colleges, Markets are compeltely closed due to this pandemic. Many countries has closed their borders with other countries and terminated all travelling options like Airlines, Rail, Bus services. Situation are really very horrable and out of control. Coronavirus in India has spread in mutliple cities and 3-4 people died but guidelines and saftery parameters are proudced by authorities. Doctors are really played an important role in this situtation. They are trying hard to save any patient.

Coronavirus Preventions:
Keep wash your hand regularly.Don’t touch your face without washing.
Cover your face and nose with mask
Keep a distance of 1 meter from anyone (specially who are infected from cough and cold)
Avoid travelling
Keep your Self-Isolation
Maintain Social Distancing
Do excercise, meditation and stay healthy
Do not organize any social event and family functions
Contact immediately to Doctor if you feel cough and cold

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)