Cloud Computing Services are the best option to go online on very cheap price.

Everything is running online in the world are on cloud.
Yes it’s true, we can’t say that it is 100 percent correct today but it would be correct one day in the future.
Every service like storage, software, hardware, servers, database etc. are available online on very cheap price because of cloud computing.
There is no need to buy any local servers, hardware’s, software’s, databases to go online because it is so expensive medium.
But in the generation of cloud computing it is so cheap to go online on the basis of “pay for what you use” system.

What is Cloud Computing? Everyone wants to know about it and Cloud Computing benefits too.
Cloud Computing is a new way to use online services like storing, managing, processing of data, software and hardware on remote server network.
It is very reasonable and you have to pay only for those services which you have used.
You don’t have to run all services on local server, heir software experts and manage big office for your office staff.
This is all available on internet through cloud provider companies.
Many cloud computing service providers are available globally who provides cloud services on “pay for what you use” system like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many more.

These cloud service providers gives an online platform to use and manage various applications and services globally on internet. They provide various services like compute, storage, applications, servers, mobile services, networking, database and many more. It is very beneficial for user and companies because it saves their costs and gives lots of other benefits like speed, security, scalability, globally presence and accessible from everywhere in the world. You can change and update your structure anytime according to your growth on very low price.

Types of Cloud Computing:
Mainly two types of cloud computing is available in the business:
1. Deployments
Deployments are following subparts:
Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
2. Services
Services are following subparts:
IaaS, Paas, Saas

Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing Services:
Mobile Services
Machine Learning

Lots of companies like Pinterest, Netflix, Spotify and many more are using these cloud service platform to save their cost.
Now all companies are mainly focus on their product development instead of other worries like management, security, infrastructure etc. Cloud services are a great way to save millions of dollars for companies. Previously if anyone wants to make business online then he wants servers, hardware, software, database for this job. It is so expensive and lots of disadvantage is available like data loss, software bugs, hardware and networking problems and many more. But now you don’t need these services locally due to cloud computing services. It is very easy and cheap to go online and use services globally on cheap price and there is no tension of scalability too. All the services are handled by cloud computing providers and it is very easy to manage all these services online. They have very well organized platform which are very user friendly like Aws and Azure.
Lots of plans are available in the business which gives different services on different prices. Everyone has its own requirement and services. So it’s good for everyone to select the best option for your business and save cost.

Currently Amazon Aws is leading the market because it is the oldest player in this business. Microsoft Azure is running very well and trying hard to capture the market. Both main players are holding more than 30 percent of business share. Remaining is divided between lots of multiple players. But all are trying very aggressively in this cloud business because it is future.
Everyone wants to save business cost and freedom from unnecessary burdens. Cloud providers have given a great online platform to all users and companies which give lots of services on a very cheap price. Many free and paid services are given by companies. Select the best cloud option for your business, make an account on the platform and start your work.
It’s so simple to use but definitely cheap, secure and scalable. Cloud Computing Courses are trending in the market right now. It is available on all online websites and YouTube Channels. Many Cloud Computing Jobs will produce in world within 2 years. So learn it to get good job and use Cloud Computing advantages for your company.

Cloud Provider Companies:
Amazon Web Services (Aws)
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud
Digital Ocean
Oracle Cloud

Cloud Services used by companies: