Career Guide for B.Tech. (Engineering) Pass Student

B.Tech. is an Engineering Degree Program. It is a graduation program for Science(PCM) students. It makes you an Engineer. A dream job for every science (PCM) student. Engineering is a very competitive zone. Thousands of students becomes engineers every year in India and try to change the world and invent something new. Engineers are completely responsible to change the world. These are the persons who have changed this world beautifully and full of technology. They make people’s life easier and comfortable. Engineers form all sectors like computer, mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics etc. work very hard to solve the problem of world. Engineers are in great demand and every student will try to become an Engineer.

Students have to pass an entrance test like JEE to take an admission in a 4 year program of B.Tech. Then a hard work of practical and theoretical program in your stream with exams makes you an engineer. After becoming an Engineer, a great career is waiting for you. Some students go for a job and some go for further studies like M.Tech. or M.S. Some tries to go abroad for studies and jobs. Lots of government and private jobs are available in world right now for engineering students.


B.Tech. students have all types of opportunity to make their career. They have an option to switch their career in other fields like administration services and teaching. If they want to go in administration then they can give an IAS and RAS services exams. Lots of chances are available in every stream like computer, civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics and many more. Globalization has made a good environment for job opportunities. Many global companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc have their offices in India and other countries. They have hired hundreds of employees cross over world and generated millions of jobs.

Maximum B.Tech. passes students go for job. They select the job in the college placement. Good college gives you better placement. IIT and MNIT colleges have maximum global companies for placement. Some students go for higher studies like M.Tech and M.S. They want to get much high profile job and career for future. Private and Government sectors generates lots of jobs for Engineers every year. Some students has choosen different way and go for higher administration services and bank services. They fight government exams and try to get good secure job. Lots of ways are there after B.Tech.

Numbers of career options are available after B.Tech. Program. Some are following:

1. Government Jobs
2. Private Jobs
3. Business
4. Higher Studies
5. Administrative Jobs Preprations
6. Online Courses