Career Guide for 10th Pass Student

Class 10th is a most important class of any student. It has been first board exams of school from so many years. Now days Board exam has been opened in 8th class too. But 10th board is on serious note. Every student is going to face first serious exam of their life. Every one wants to make good scores and grades in 10th exams because it will decide their future. This score will give us an opportunity to choose desired branch in 11th like Maths, Biology, Commerce and Arts. This is the first marksheet which will submit in every job and interview in the future. Good scores will make a good impact for any one.

Every student wants to come in merit list of board results. Your name will come in news paper. You will be awarded from various scholarships. Your family will feel proud on you if you will achieve good scores. But for this awesome result, you have to do very hard and dedicated work on your study. Most students do 8-10 hours continuous study for a complete year. They do proper revisions and home work after school. They simply neglect all social addictions like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, games etc. They make their focus only on study and their goal is to get a good rank in board exams. This is very simple for all brilliant students because they are cleared and focused for their career and most importantly what they want to become in future like Engineer, Doctor, CA, IAS, RAS, Businessman etc. They have decided their future branch for class 11 like science, commerce and arts for their future and career.

Normally it has a perception that those students who have got higher percentage in 10th class will get science branch and they will go for Engineers and Doctors. Those students who have a family business and average in marks go for commerce because they will go to handle their business and may be go for CA and CS. And lastly below average marks have to go for Arts and they have only option to go for administration services from lower to higher grade jobs. Even Schools also take admissions in that manner like science maths and biology for higher grades, commerce for medium grades and arts for lower grades. Some schools even don’t have an arts branch. Even CBSE and State Board have different sub-branches for senior secondary sections. Every branch have further sub-branches like Science-Maths, Science-Biology, Commerce-Accounts, Commerce-Typing, Commerce-Multimedia etc.


But it is really a tedious job for average and below average students. They are not sure about their branch for class 11th and their future career options. They are totally confused about branch and their goal. They are not sure what they want to become in future and which field they want to choose for their career. There are lots of problems in their mind like some have not good marks for science but they want to be an engineer, some have an interest in commerce but family is forcing for doctor, some wants to go for administration job but friends says there is lot of competition in government jobs. Some times it is a great task for brilliant students. Suppose they have scored good marks in class 10th but interest lies in Arts. Very complex situations, all are confused and distracted because a whole new long journey is completely depends on that golden decision “How to choose a branch for higher studies”.

A very simple answer for this complex question is “Interest”. Simply go with your interest and listen to your heart. Find out your interest lies in which field like Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Arts, Business, and Administration etc. Ask yourself that what you want to become in future and where is your interest lies. Suppose you are good in maths and your family and market trend is forcing you to take maths branch in class 11th but your interest lies in commerce and may be arts then go with your interest. Because you will use your maths skills in commerce and arts too. If you go with your family choice then may be you will pass some exams or classes but it is not an achievement, it is simply survival. Your heart lies in commerce and you are studying science, that’s not a good deal. Try to clear such things with family, discuss your interest and abilities with them. They will definitely understand your feelings and decision.

There is one more option to find out your interest for selection of branch. You can check all books of class 11th and 12th science, commerce and arts in free days. Surely you will get the answers of so many questions like Which subject and stream develops an excitement and interest in your mind? Which subjects do you like the most and which will gives you more hurdles in future? It will clear in this pre-study process and now you are more cleared about your selection. But most important thing is your interest. If you convert your interest in to your career then you will get good achievements in future. You will treat any hurdles like a simple problem and will win that battle with full of confidence.