Atmiya University has given me chance to grow, to explore, and to feel the world. – Dr. Ripal Ranpara

I became passionate tech geek at Atmiya University. Atmiya University shaped me into a Computer Science expert and Assistant Professor.

I am glad to share both my College life and Professional life which started at Atmiya University. I believe one of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the ‘College phase.’ Today I wanted to share both lives changing experiences i.e. College life and Professional life. I always feel the time of our adolescent years is at college, and we all immerse ourselves in the sea of new beginnings and opportunities. This golden period creates strong foundation of knowledge and lifelong experiences.

My experiences say one fundamental thing – Life is Unpredictable. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird, and it might not be interesting to you, but always expect the unexpected. But my experience also taught me that you should always believe in yourself and Acceptance is the key to Success. Whatever situations come ACCEPT it totally. Like I wanted to quote my example over here that how I completed my 12th Science in Biology subject.  I topped in that subject. I wanted to be a Doctor by profession. I wanted to take admission in the best medical college of Gujarat. But frankly speaking it was my father’s decision that I should pursue computer science. At that point of time I was not aware that computer is my passion too. When I was in 10th class I designed the prototype of Washing machine with the help of embedded system. I did that prototype just for fun and to play. But deep down my father was aware that hardware and computer is my passion. So I did my Bachelors in Computer Science and Information technology. During my graduation I joined ‘Earn While You Learn scheme’ of my university to gain some practical knowledge. During that period I was handling library database servers, MIS, and other institutional repositories. I am grateful to the Librarian Dr. Sheetal Tank for providing me the opportunity. After that I pursued my Masters in Information Technology. I am happy and grateful to share that I received Gold Medal in graduation as well as post graduation.

During masters I opened up my own Software development firm for Freelancing project. I completed my masters in 2015. This all achievement I achieved because I totally accepted the Computer Science as a field.

Now from this point after graduation my real journey started of Professional life.

Finally in 2015 only I joined the college as Assistant Professor. I also work as Database Administrator in University Library. During my Professional journey I achieved many recognition and awards like Academic excellence award by International organization of research scholar and many others. I also earned global goodwill Ambassador Award by Richarddipillia. I shared all the above achievements just to say “IF YOU ACCEPT THE CHANGE THAN CHANGE WILL ACCEPT YOU”. I feel College life and Professional life is a perfect blend of joy and hardships. I meet different people, I interact with them, I learn about their cultures and grown as a person, thus it helped me to grow with important life skills and values. 

I always feel; for me; I can say ATMIYA UNIVERSITY is not just the university but my second home. The reason I am saying is that; the core values the ATMIYA UNIVERSITY has is: value based education. I am delighted to share till date I have never felt like I am working in Atmiya as Assistant Professor. I always feel it’s my responsibility. Because of ATMIYA UNIVERSITY I could contribute to many others work and responsibility at National and International level. Atmiya University has given me chance to grow, to explore, and to feel the world. I believe I would be somewhere in life if I had the same motivation as I now had for several years. However, indeed, God was kind and made me achieve my place and I owe much to the Atmiya University and to my colleagues of Atmiya. I am and I will always be grateful to ATMIYA UNIVERSITY. Now my name and Atmiya has become synonym. I am proud to be an ATMIYAN. I am grateful. Thanks.