Artificial Intelligence will change the future of World.

Artificial Intelligence meaning is very simple. It will change the future of World. It is a branch of Computer Science. The term Artificial Intelligence was used first time in 1956 by John Mccarthy. The world has been changing vey fast from last 70 years in the sector of technology like Desktop to Laptop, Laptop to Tablet, Tablet to Smartphone and now smartphone to Robots or Automated Devices. Artificial Intelligence is the next generation technology. Every big company is moving to adopt this technology in their products.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology to make machine smart like human brain. It is used to enable machines act like human, behave like human, take a decision like human and work like human.
Artificial Intelligence Definition: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science to create smart machine which solve the problems like human and mimic human behavior.
Artificial Intelligence model uses Machine Learning alogrithms and Deep Learning Neural Networks to take decisions.
Artificial Intelligence is used in various operations like Image Recognization, Face Detection, News Generations, Flying Drones, Fraud Detections, Music Compostions etc. Some live examples of AI are Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Tesla Self Driving Car and many more.

AI-ML-DL Model

Artificial Intelligence devices are programmed to solve the problem like human solve their problems with the help of decision ability. Artificial Intelligence future is very bright and it will produce thousands of Jobs worldwide.
There are two types of Artificial Intelligence according to their work ability:
Weak AI: A machine which is developed to do only one task likes Alexa Device and Alpha Go.
Strong AI: It is actually in process to make something like human who can do any task like Robots of fiction movies in Terminator, Avenger etc.
Artificial Intelligence is used with the help of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Both Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the parts of Artificial Intelligence.
Machine Learning is the technique to achieve Artificial Intelligence and it is the subset of Artificial Intelligence. It enables machine to take decision own on their past data.
Deep Learning is the subset of Machine Learning who takes decision with the help of Artificial Neural Networks.

Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla etc are investing highly in the research field of Artificial Intelligence and continuously working to get this technology in their products. We can say that all are Artificial Intelligence Companies and using real Artificial Intellligence techniques to change the world. Amazon Alexa is the proper example of that technology. Everyone knows that Robots and automated devices will work in the future which will reduce the risk of accidents in the future. Tesla Self Driving Car is the proper example of the AI. Sophia is the first Robot who has the Saudi Arabia citizenship and it mimics human behavior. This technology is used everywhere now days like car, mobile, video games, softwares, healthcare, social media etc. Scientist has predicted that robots will be smarter than human in future and perform various tasks like human. Artificial Intelligence is a part of Machine Learning and Deep Learning too because Machine Learning Algorithms and Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks are used in all Artificial Intelligence models according to complexity of problem. Artificial Intelligence approach is very easy and practical. Python is playing very important role in Artificial Intelligence Projects. Artificial Intelligence with Python is a good course to come in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics sector. Number of Online Educational Companies are providing Artificial Intelligence Course. Many Artificial Intelligence Tutorials are available online to do self study.

Artificial Intelligence Sectors:
Social Media
New Generations
Music Generations
Disaster Detection

Artificial Intelligence Operations:
Google Translate
Image Recognization
Image Classification
Image Colorization
Object Detection
Number Plate Detection
Speech Recognization

Artificial Intelligence Examples:
Apple Siri
Amazon Echo
Sophia (Robot)
Flying Drones
Google Assistant
IBM Deep Blue Chase
Tesla Self Driving Car