About Us

Educlasses is an online platform for online study. We are providing a lots of eudcational information in the form of tutorials and objective questions. There are various subjects on the platform like Hindi, English, Computer Science, GK and Geography. We have site in both English and Hindi language . By default it comes in English language. If user wants to do study in Hindi Language then he can easily swithch to Hindi site. On the homepage, there is a switch to change site near menu bar. And there is an option in the menu bar on every page to change language [Educlasses(In Hindi) and Educlasses (In English)]. User can read and practice all stuff to gain the knowledge and check their preprations for exams. We are group of computer engineers and this site is a unique gift from the FAB Fashions to students, job seekers, competative participants.
Happy Learning.

Our Team

Mitesh Sharma (Founder & CEO)

Vijay Athwani (COO & CFO)

J P Jangid (Geography Expert)

Dr. Alka Gehlot (Ph.d – Hydrogeology)(Geology Expert)