20 Inspirational Quotes of Ramsri Goutham Golla

Ramsri Goutham Golla
Lead Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, Writer
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Ramsri Goutham Golla Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

1. The fiercest man-eater we know of, is not in the wild. It is the fear lurking within us. – Ramsri

2. Always hunt prey bigger than your size. Because if you win, you feed an entire wolf pack!!! – Ramsri

3. The best time to stop demolition was before pressing the trigger. Now the only option left is to avoid the bullet’s trajectory. – Ramsri

4. Until you get into the boxing ring and throw your first punch, no one knows the power that is withheld in your fist!!! – Ramsri

5. The rising sun stops for no one. One can use their palm to stop the rays from falling on them, but the brightness around is impossible to ignore. – Ramsri

6. Demolishing competition on a linear path is too mainstream. Operate like a ballistic missile with multiple warheads. Once they miss you at your boost phase, it is harder to intercept at supersonic or hypersonic speeds later. – Ramsri

7. Avoid fight as much as you can! But once you clench your fist, make sure that the opponent isn’t standing beyond your first punch. – Ramsri

8. If you start the race with everyone and  come first, the audience will clap you. But if you start the race when everyone finishes their half mark and still come first, the game will clap you. Be that game changer!!! Set the bar way too high!!! – Ramsri

9. Perfection is not some ideal thing to strive towards. Perfection is on obligation. – Ramsri

10. If you operate at supersonic speeds, no one notices you as you approach and operate on a landscape. But no one can forget the impact once you have passed. Be that sonic boom that shatters all the existing notions. – Ramsri

11. Start as an underdog, rise at such a pace that before people even realize, dethrone the king and take charge!!! – Ramsri

12. Operate like a juggernaut, where every single move of yours changes the landscape forever, for good. – Ramsri

13. When the day and darkness prevails, the fire in your eyes will still light the path. The journey never stops. – Ramsri

14. Oh, the mighty warrior! For the arms that command the rays of the sun, for the heart that stands intrepid amidst an enemy clan, weapons are mere ornaments. – Ramsri

15. The world was never a level playing field and it will never be. The question is – do you spend a lifetime trying to level every small unevenness you encounter or do you train yourself and build the strength for a greater ascent despite the odds? – Ramsri

16. If you just focus on yourself, keep your head down and run with all your strength, your idols who are faintly visible farther ahead in the race might just end up faintly visible farther behind you, by the time you get alert and look around. – Ramsri

17. When you are young, work hard to make 401k your base salary, not a retirement plan. – Ramsri

18. It is important to start with some modest aspirations when starting in any new field –
Goal: Find the best and match them.
Stretch Goal: Find the best and put them to rest. – Ramsri

19. Don’t say your story at the base camp. Tell your story after you conquer the mountain peak. If you say it at the base camp, it hits the next rock or mountain and dissipates. If you say it at the top, the fierce wind and open skies will carry your words far, across the sea, across the mountains, far to the lands that you cannot see and hear!!! – Ramsri

20. Make a unicorn or go and make popcorn. – Ramsri

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