11 Inspirational Quotes of Richard Branson

Richard Branson
Profession: Entrepreneur
Date of Birth: 18 July 1950
Birth Place: London, U.K.
Founder: Virgin Group

Richard Branson Best Quotes

1. A good leader doesn’t get stuck behind a desk. – Richard Branson Famous Quotes

2. I’m a bit like queen in that I don’t carry much cash. – Richard Branson Quotes

3. I’ve been very lucky. I come from a very close family. – Richard Branson Quotes

4. Material things are delightful, but they’re not important. – Richard Branson Famous Quotes

5. Lightning is something which, again, we would rather avoid. – Richard Branson Quotes

6. Starting your own business isn’t just a job-it’s a way of life. – Richard Branson Quotes on Business

7. I believe in benevolent dictatorship provided I am the dictator. – Richard Branson Quotes

8. I love to dance, but my children tell me I shouldn’t. Can’t see why. – Richard Branson Quotes on Dance

9. Right now I’m just delighted to be alive and to have had a nice long bath. – Richard Branson Quotes

10. Business opportunities are like buses there’s always another one coming. – Richard Branson

11. Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. – Richard Branson Famous Quotes

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